Israel Aid

Daily Talking Points from the IDF — DAY 19 OF THE WAR

1. Statistics

  • 1,400+ Israelis killed since Saturday morning, among them 308 fallen soldiers.
  • 5,400+ Israelis wounded.
  • 222 Confirmed kidnapped Israelis, among them 30 children under the age of 18.
    Even more missing.
  • ±7,000 Rockets launched into Israel.
  • 360,000+ Reservists drafted.

2. Talking Points

The double standards in the international community:
Protests against Israel around the Western world.
Despite the calls to “Free Gaza” Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip voluntarily in 2005. After Hamas won the democratic election in 2007 they have served as the sovereign in the Gaza Strip and no democratic election has been held since. Hamas fails to provide its civilians with basic necessities and uses much of the aid given to them for terror purposes. Therefore the only liberation of Gaza should be from Hamas.


A Message from Shalom