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Daily Update – 1 Month

Today marks one month of war between Israel and Hamas. Families are still grieving the loss of their loved ones, innocent civilians are still being held hostage and IDF forces are operating on the ground in the Gaza Strip. Hence, the goals of the IDF remain the same, operating to dismantle Hamas and all of their terror infrastructure and capabilities, eliminating the serious, ongoing threat it poses towards the state of Israel and its citizens and bringing home the hostages. The IDF is not seeking revenge for the brutal attack that occurred on October 7th, the IDF is fighting to ensure that the massacre of October 7th will never happen again.


  • 1,400+ Israelis killed since the morning of October 7th.
  • 348 fallen soldiers
  • 5,400+ Israelis wounded.
  • 240 Confirmed hostages, among them 30 children under the age of 18.
    Dozens of confirmed missing persons.
  • 9,000+ Rockets launched into Israel.
  • 360,000+ Reservists drafted.

Operational Updates

  • IDF troops have completed encirclement of Gaza City, which is the focal point of the Hamas terror organization.
  • The IDF is operating inside the Gaza Strip and is fighting in complex, urban warfare; close-quarter combat between our troops and Hamas terrorists.
  • 30 IDF soldier have been killed in action in the ground operation.
  • On November 6th, the IDF forces that are currently operating within the Gaza Strip uncovered 50 rocket launch pits adjacent to a mosque.


A Message from Shalom