Israel Aid

Daily Update Israel-Day 30


  • 1,400+ Israelis killed since the morning of October 7th.
  • 346 fallen soldiers
  • 5,400+ Israelis wounded.
  • 241 Confirmed hostages, among them 30 children under the age of 18.
    Dozens of confirmed missing persons.
  • 9,000+ Rockets launched into Israel.
  • 360,000+ Reservists drafted.

Operational Updates

  • IDF called on residents of Gaza City to evacuate south of Wadi Gaza and opened multiple corridors for the Gazan civilians to go south. More than 900,000 Gazan civilians have left the area so far despite Hamas prevention.
  • Hamas is trying to prevent civilians from evacuating by obstructing the safe passage of residents of the Gaza Strip to the south through roadblocks and pressuring Gazan civilians to stay in their homes.
  • The IDF is operating inside the Gaza Strip and is fighting in complex, urban warfare; close-quarter combat between our troops and Hamas terrorists.


A Message from Shalom