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Daily Update Israel – Day 44


  • 1,200+ Israelis killed since the morning of October 7th.
  • 383 fallen soldiers
  • 5,400+ Israelis wounded.
  • 239 Confirmed hostages, among them 30 children under the age of 18.
    Dozens of confirmed missing persons.
  • 10,000+ Rockets launched into Israel.
  • 360,000+ Reservists drafted.

Operational Updates

  • 61 IDF soldiers have been killed in action in the ground operation.
  • The IDF took operational control of the Gaza harbor, which was controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization and used as a training facility for their naval commando forces for planning and executing naval terror attacks under the guise of a civilian harbor, all the while using civilian and Gaza harbor police vessels.
  • On November 14th, the IDF undertook a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the Shifa Hospital based on intelligence information and an operational necessity, IDF forces included medical teams and Arabic speakers, who underwent specified training to prepare for such a complex and sensitive environment.
    The operation was carefully planned with the intent that no harm is caused to the civilians being used by Hamas as human shields. In recent weeks, the IDF has publicly warned time and again that Hamas’ continued military use of the Shifa hospital jeopardizes its protected status under international law, and enabled ample time to stop this unlawful abuse of the hospital.


A Message from Shalom