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Does Israel’s defiance of US pressure advance US interests???

A new 6-minute-video on the nature of US pressure on Israel

The Ettinger report – an interest look at us state department policy

  1. Can/should Israel defy US pressure to act against its (Israel’s) own most critical national security interest (e.g., allowing a ceasefire in the war to obliterate the anti-Western Hamas Islamic terrorism; bolstering the Palestinian Authority despite its terror-driven policy and education system; allowing non-Israeli security control of Gaza following the current war) while the US extends Israel a highly-appreciated, vital support, militarily, financially and  diplomatically?
  2. Israeli defiance of US pressure has been an inherent feature of US-Israel relations since 1948. It  has caused short-term friction, while generating long-term strategic respect toward Israel, which triggered a dramatic enhancement of mutually-beneficial strategic cooperation.
  3. As expected, in hindsight, Israeli defiance of US pressure spared the US economic and national security setbacks.



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