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Exploiting Hospitals is a Hamas Terror Tactic

Eliminating Hamas’ terrorist presence in hospitals is a critical operational necessity

  • Hamas systematically exploits hospitals for terror purposes by carrying out its terror activities amongst, behind, and under its own civilians.
  • Over the last month, the IDF declassified evidence of these illegal activities. Examples of this include using the Rantisi Children’s Hospital for weapons storage – and potentially holding hostages captive, shooting RPGs from the Al-Quds Hospital, firing from the Sheikh Hamad Hospital and more.
  • Israel and the IDF are operating carefully and precisely to counter these activities as credible intelligence has countlessly proved that the Hamas terrorist organization is deliberately embedded within civilian areas.
  • Under international law, if a civilian structure is used for military purposes then it becomes a legitimate military target. Hamas uses their civilians as human shields by embedding themselves within densely populated civilian areas and concealing their military operations and infrastructure.


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