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IDF: Exposed – How Hamas Steals Fuel From Hospitals at the Expense of Gazan Civilians

This conversation between a commander of Hamas’s Western Jabaliya Battalion and a Gazan resident, with the participation of the director of the Indonesian Hospital, was intercepted by the Israeli Military Intelligence. Despite the sensitive nature of this intelligence, this intercept is being declassified to expose Hamas’s cynical exploitation of humanitarian resources in the Gaza Strip. The video confirms that Hamas controls energy distribution in Gaza, prioritizing terrorist needs over the needs of their civilian population.

In this phone call, a Hamas commander repeatedly alludes to Hamas taking fuel from the hospital’s stocks, “working as a government for the sake of the country.”

Hamas continues to exploit humanitarian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to support its terrorist activities at the expense of the residents of Gaza.

Attached is the translated recording of the conversation:

Attached is an aerial picture of the hospital:

ISA announcement:

ISA interrogation of a Hamas “Nukhba” terrorist who took part in the massacre of civilians in Kfar Aza on October 7th.

From the ISA interrogation of the terrorist, Omar Abu Rusha:

“We entered the house next to us, we entered through the window. We checked the house and heard the voices of young children inside the protected shelter. We shot at the shelter. Until we didn’t hear voices anymore.”

“Our mission was to kill. We were not told to kidnap, only to kill. To kill anyone we saw, and then to return. Our mission was in the area of Kfar Aza.”

“We went through the first house. We checked it and it was empty. Hamza set fire to the room from the outside. Afterward someone came out from the backyard with a pipe – Abu Ahmad and Hamza saw him, they shot and killed him.”

“We went to the second house. We fired at the windows and broke the glass. We checked the house and found that it was empty. I lit the second room on fire.”

“We went to the third house. There was a woman inside. Hamza killed her, he shot her.”

A video of the main points from the interrogation of the terrorist’s involvement in the barbaric massacre in Kfar Aza:

The ISA will settle the score with all the terrorists involved in the October 7th massacre.

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