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IDF: Exposed: Rocket launchers in playgrounds and near children’s swimming pools; IDF soldiers continue to expose Hamas’ exploitation of the civilian population – including children – for its terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip

During fighting in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers are exposing how the Hamas terror organization systematically uses civilian facilities for its terror activity. IDF soldiers located rocket launchers near a children’s swimming pool, as well as launch pits and rocket launchers in an old children’s playground in the Gaza Strip. This is further proof of Hamas’ deliberate use of civilian infrastructure and civilians – including children – as human shields for its military operations.

Attached is footage of Hamas rocket launchers located next to children’s swimming pools by soldiers of the 551st Brigade:

Attached is footage of launch pits and rocket launchers that were detected in an old playground in the Gaza Strip by soldiers of the 401st Brigade:

Attached are pictures of the launch pits near a playground:

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