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IDF: Hamas terrorists attack IDF troops who operated to open the Salah Al-Din humanitarian route for the evacuation of residents southwards

Earlier today, the IDF Arabic spokesperson announced that between 13:00-16:00 the Salah Al-Din route in the Gaza Strip will be available as a humanitarian route for residents of the northern Gaza Strip who had not yet moved southwards to evacuate for their own safety.

The Hamas terrorist organization exploited the humanitarian window that the IDF provided to residents of the Gaza Strip to move southwards, and the terrorists fired mortars and anti-tank missiles at IDF troops who arrived and operated to open the route. No IDF injuries were reported.
This incident further proves that Hamas exploits the Gazan population and prevents them from acting in the interest of their own safety.

Attached is a video of Hamas’s launch toward the route during the humanitarian window:

Attached is a related infographic:

Attached is a video in which Hamas’ attempted attack was recorded:

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