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IDF points out evidence of things being near hospitals

IDF: Special footage from the Rantisi hospital in Gaza: on the basement floor, a room was found with signs indicating hostages were held there, underground headquarters and a room full of weapons inside the hospital

The IDF Spokesperson presents for the first time photographic evidence from operations of Flotilla 13 (special forces) and the 401st Brigade Combat Team in the “Rantisi” hospital.

In the operations, IDF troops found many weapons in the basement of the hospital, including explosive belts, grenades, weapons and RPG missiles. Also a motorcycle with gunshot marks found on the floor was, which was used by Hamas terrorists in the October 7th massacre. In addition, signs indicating that hostages were held in the room were found on the basement floor.

From the hospital, IDF troops uncovered an operational tunnel shaft, which leads to the area of ​​the home of a senior naval commander.

IDF: Attached is exclusive footage from the operations of Flotilla 13 and the 401st Brigade Combat Team in the Rantisi Hospital:

Attached are photos from the operation:

Attached are aerial photos of the hospital’s area:


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