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IDF: Securing the Bader outpost in the Shati Battalion and elimination of about 150 terrorists in Hamas terrorist strongholds; Operational activity of the 401st Brigade in Gaza Strip territory

The 401st Brigade Combat Squad is striking within the perimeter of Hamas’ Shati regional Battalion. Throughout the days of combat, the soldiers eliminated approximately 150 terrorists and gained control over Hamas’ terrorist strongholds in the northern Gaza Strip.

Included in them is the Haspina outpost, within which an arms production site, launching stations, and an underground network were discovered and subsequently neutralized. The brigade also operated at the Blue Beach Hotel on the coastline in the northern Gaza Strip. About 30 Hamas terrorists fortified themselves in this hotel and fired several anti-tank missiles at IDF forces. After the takeover, it was found that the terrorists used the hotel rooms as shelter and for the benefit of planning attacks above and below ground.

In the last few days, the brigade’s soldiers gained control of the Bader outpost- the main outpost of the Shati Battalion, which is located near civilian buildings. As part of the raid on the outpost, the forces of the 401st Brigade destroyed military headquarters and launch sites. This outpost was the last remaining one on the border of Shati to be destroyed.

Attached is documentation from Go-Pro cameras of brigade commanders:

Attached is documentation of the 401st Brigade’s activity in the northern Gaza Strip:

Attached are communications of the strike command by the 401st brigade commander, Colonel (COL) Benny Aharon to his soldiers before the attack on the Shati outpost in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is an air force strike item directing the 401st Brigade forces:

Attached are photos of 401st Brigade activity in the Gaza Strip:

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