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IDF: Soldiers from the 36th Division have struck deep in the Gaza Strip and positioned themselves along the coast

As part of the expansion of ground operations over the last week, the 36th Divison has operated in the northern Gaza Strip and reached positions along the coast of Gaza. The role of the division is to encircle Hamas forces in Gaza City, and to strike and destroy select targets, including significant assets and command and control centers belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

During the battles in Gaza, the 36th Division have struck over 1,600 targets belonging to Hamas. The targets include the organization’s infrastructure, weapons storage facilities, anti-tank missile launch and observation posts, and Hamas operatives.

Since the beginning of the war, the soldiers of the 36th Division eliminated over 300 terrorists in operations involving artillery fire, and coordination between the Israeli Air Force and infantry and armored soldiers. In the last 12 hours, the soldiers of the division struck around 50 targets, including combat zones, operational residences, outposts, military positions and underground infrastructure, and eliminated terrorists in close-quarter combat.

Attached is footage of the 36th Division’s activities throughout the war:

Attached is footage of the commander of the 36th Division, BG Dado Bar-Kalifa, from a situational assessment in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the 36th Division’s operations:

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