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IDF: The 162nd Division has been operating in recent days in the center of Gaza City in the area of ​​Hamas’ military quarter; forces of the Givati ​​Brigade eliminated about 50 terrorists

The infantry, armor and engineering forces of the 162nd Division, with IAF air support and the assistance of special forces, raided the military quarter of the Hamas terrorist organization in the heart of Gaza City, near the Shifa Hospital.

The military quarter area is the heart of intelligence and operational activities of Hamas and was used, among other things, to plan and prepare Hamas operatives for the murderous attack on October 7th. During the past few days, the infantry, armored and engineering forces of the Givati Brigade worked to clear the area and neutralize terrorist infrastructure in the area, including a wide underground tunnel network, while also engaging in combat and eliminating dozens of terrorists. So far, over 50 terrorists have been eliminated in the quarter during intense battles. In addition, military intelligence documents were found and a number of significant tunnel shafts, factories for the production of anti-tank missiles, and anti-aircraft rocket launch posts were destroyed.

The military quarter consists of strategic Hamas terrorist sites, including the central intelligence headquarters and the aerial array headquarters of the terrorist organization, as well as Hamas government offices, including the Ministry of Interior and a police station. In addition, the area contains the largest training facilities in the Gaza Strip for urban warfare, military outposts, warehouses and various munitions factories (used to produce rockets, anti-tank missiles, UAVs and explosives). Also in the area are commanders’ offices, underground tunnel networks and war-rooms from which the Hamas terrorist organization directs fighting and fire.

All the terrorist infrastructures mentioned above are in close proximity to civilian facilities such as schools, kindergartens, medical clinics and mosques. This is further proof of the terrorist organization’s use of the residents of the Gaza Strip as a human shield for its murderous terrorist activities.

The combat in the area of ​​the military quarter is ongoing.

Attached is an illustration of the military quarter:

Attached is footage from the situational assessment held by the Commander of the 162nd Division, BG Itzik Cohen:

Attached is footage of IDF soldiers operating in the military quarter:

Attached is aerial footage:

Attached is an aerial pictures of Hamas’ military quarter:

Attached are pictures of the Hamas weapons located by IDF soldiers in the military quarter:

Attached are related pictures:

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