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IDF: The Chief of the General Staff and the Head of the ISA during a situational assessment held in the Gaza Strip

The Chief of the General Staff, Herzi Halevi, and the Head of the Israel Security Agency (ISA), Ronen Bar, entered into the heart of the Gaza Strip, together with combat units, to conduct a situational assessment in the field.

Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi:
“The main source of strength in this war, which I feel all the time, is our cooperation. I look around and see the IDF, in every corner, everyone is doing everything that they can so that you will be as strong as possible. There is nothing that they will not do to help you work well. Keep moving forward, in a thorough way, you set the pace. We are behind you!”

Head of the Israel Security Agency, Mr. Ronen Bar:
“There is great and unprecedented awe both amongst the public, the political echelon, and inside Hamas. This continues to improve. As a representative of the ISA I can tell you that during the war, we work for the IDF.”

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IDF: A short while ago, in response to the launches toward Israeli territory over the past day, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror infrastructure in Lebanon. Additionally, the IDF struck terror targets using artillery and the “Iron Sting” guided mortar munition.

Among the targets were terror compounds and infrastructure, observation posts, and technological equipment used to direct terror against Israel.

Furthermore, a short while ago, terrorists launched an anti-tank missile toward the area of Adamit, northern Israel. No injuries were reported. The IDF struck the source of the launch with artillery.

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IDF: Please find attached the translated evening briefing of the IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari:

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