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IDF: The IDF and ISA killed Hamas’ Nukbha terrorists, including terrorists that took part in the October 7th massacre

Over the past day, based on precise IDF intelligence, IDF troops killed numerous Hamas’ Nukbha terrorists who participated in the October 7th massacre. Among the terrorists were Ahmed Musa, a company commander and Omar Al-Hindi, a platoon commander, both were located in western Jabalya.

Ahmed Musa was one of the commanders of the invasion into the Zikim Base, Kibbutz Zikim, and the Yiftach Post. Over the last day, he led attacks against IDF troops in the area of western Jabalya.

Additionally, based on IDF and ISA intelligence, the Head of the Sniper Array of Hamas’ Northern Brigade, Mohammed Kahlout was killed.

Based on ISA intelligence, IDF troops struck overnight 19 Hamas terrorists who planned to attack IDF troops.

Furthermore, IDF troops struck a shipping container located at a beach, containing approximately 20 rocket launchers. During an activity in Sheikh Ijlin, the troops searched for traces in the southern part of the front and located a rocket launcher adjacent to resident buildings. All weapons located were struck or confiscated by IDF troops.

Attached is a video of the shipment container containing rocket launchers on the beach:

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

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