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IDF: The largest deployment of aerial defense batteries ever; The soldiers of the Aerial Defense Array intercepted thousands of rockets across all layers of defense

Since the beginning of the war, about 9,500 rockets and dozens of aircraft have been launched towards Israel. The soldiers of the Aerial Defense Array intercepted thousands of rockets in the defended areas, and following the entry of ground forces into the Gaza Strip, a significant decrease in the number of launches is evident.

The Aerial Defense Array is deployed in the most extensive way ever and has carried out interceptions from Mount Dov in the north to the Red Sea in the south.

For the first time, all the aerial defense systems are working simultaneously – Iron Dome, David’s Sling, MIM-104 Patriot and Arrow. All of these provide protection in every layer of aerial defense and enable optimal protection of the Israeli home front.

The array’s successes were realized, among other things, as a result of the deep cooperation effort between the IDF and the defense industries, as well as between the IDF and the United States Armed Forces, which are force multipliers in this war.

Also, about 12% of the total launches towards Israel landed in the Gaza Strip and about 900 launches were carried out from civilian sites such as: mosques, schools, hospitals and cultural centers.

This data once again emphasizes the cynical use of civilians by the terrorist organization Hamas.

The IDF once again emphasizes that the defense is not hermetic and the public must adhere to the Home Front Command’s guidelines.

Please find attached an infographic regarding the Aerial Defense Array:

Please find attached footage of the activity of the Aerial Defense Array from the beginning of the war:

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