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IDF: UAVs, attack drones and hundreds of weapons: operations of the 7th Brigade in the Gaza Strip

Over the last day, IDF soldiers of the 7th Brigade conducted raids on a Hamas military post and a training compound located in the heart of civilian areas inside the Gaza Strip. The soldiers secured buildings and siezed dozens of weapons, missiles, UAVs, maps, communication devices, mortars, attack drones and technological assets. During the raid, the troops eliminated approximately 30 terrorists. Additionally, the soldiers raided the office of Muhammad Sinwar, brother of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, where documentation of military doctrine was located.

In an additional operation, forces from the 7th Brigade, along with soldiers from the Yahalom Special Ops Engineering Unit, conducted a raid on a military post of the Hamas “Zabra” Battalion. The forces discovered operation and calibration systems for anti-aircraft missiles. The systems were discovered near a rocket launcher designated for attacks against Israel. Besides the rocket launching system, the IDF soldiers found several mortars, weapons, a loaded rocket launcher, technological assets, electronic components and multiple intelligence documents that were used by the Hamas terrorist organization.

Attached is footage from the 7th Brigade’s activity:

Attached is footage from the soldiers’ discovery of operation and calibration systems:

Attached is a sync of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Amir, commander in the 7th Brigade:

Attached are pictures of the weapons seized during the activity:

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