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IDF Updates – April 19th

IDF: The IDF struck the area from which a rocket was launched toward Ashkelon; IDF troops continue to eliminate terrorists in the central Gaza Strip

Last night (Thursday), a rocket that was launched toward the city of Ashkelon fell in an open area. Within several minutes, IDF artillery struck the area from which the launch was fired in Beit Lahia, and an IDF aircraft struck a weapons storage facility in the area.

IDF troops are continuing to operate in the central Gaza Strip and have eliminated a number of terrorists over the past day.
In one incident, two terrorists who were identified approaching the troops were eliminated in a strike from the air.

Over the past day, assisting the ground forces, IAF aircraft struck and destroyed approximately 25 targets, including military compounds, observation posts, launch posts, and other military infrastructure.

Attached are photos of IDF operational activity:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: A short while ago, IDF soldiers identified terrorists operating in a Hezbollah military structure in the area of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon. IAF aircraft struck the structure along with the terrorists.

Attached is a video of the strike:
[8:08 AM, 4/19/2024] Shalom Menora: IDF: COGAT continues the transfer of aid from the Ashdod Port, provides aid to the Jordanian Hospital, while 700 trucks have been cleared to enter Gaza and are awaiting UN agencies

This week, the IDF, via the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Unit (COGAT), is continuing daily efforts to facilitate the transfer of hundreds of trucks containing food supplies and humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip. Accordingly, yesterday (Thursday) 276 trucks carrying humanitarian aid passed through the Kerem Shalom and Nitzana border crossings to the Gaza Strip after undergoing thorough security checks. In addition, 144 food packages were airdropped yesterday (Thursday) to distribution points in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the contents of more than 700 humanitarian aid trucks remain on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing after undergoing thorough security inspections, and are waiting to be collected and distributed by UN agencies to the civilians of the Gaza Strip.

In addition, as part of the enhancement of aid corridors to the north, 100 trucks were transferred from the south to the north of the Gaza Strip last night. Among them, 6 trucks entered through the Northern Cossing to the Gaza Strip after undergoing security inspections by security forces at the Kerem Shalom crossing and were accompanied by IDF soldiers.

in accordance with the government directive, yesterday (Thursday), nine additional trucks carrying flour from the World Food Program (WFP) were brought into the Gaza Strip from the Ashdod Port.

Furthermore, this past Wednesday, the IDF coordinated the entry of 17 trucks carrying humanitarian aid throught the Northern Gate as part of an aid convoy to the Jordanian Hospital to rotate hospital staff and deliver food supplies, water and medical equipment to support the ongoing operations of the hospital.

The IDF will continue its efforts to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea in accordance with international law.

Attached are photos of the content of the humanitarian aid trucks on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing, waiting to be collected and distributed by UN agencies:

IDF: Earlier today, three launches were identified crossing from Lebanon into the area of Yiftach in northern Israel. No injuries or damages were reported. IDF artillery fired toward the sources of the launches.

A short while ago, IAF aircraft struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructures in the areas of Mansouri and Aitaroun in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

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