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IDF Updates – April 20th

IDF: IDF troops struck a launching pit in the area of Beit Hanoun shortly after launches were identified from the area toward the city of Sderot yesterday (Friday)

Yesterday (Friday), IDF troops in cooperation with IAF aircraft struck terror targets including a launching pit in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, shortly after a launch was identified and intercepted, crossing from the area into the city of Sderot.

Over the past day, IAF fighter jets and additional aircraft struck dozens of terror targets, assisting IDF ground troops. Among the targets were military infrastructures, compounds, and armed terrorists.

IDF troops are continuing to conduct counterterrorism activities in central Gaza. During one of the incidents, the troops identified a terrorist who posed a threat to them and eliminated him.

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF activities in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Close-quarters encounters, closing the combat circle on terrorists and targeted raids by the Nahal Brigade combat team in the central Gaza Strip; Yesterday a situational assessment led by the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command was held in the area

The Nahal Brigade combat team continues to operate in the area of ​​the Karni Corridor, from where the soldiers carry out dozens of targeted raids on terrorists and terrorist infrastructure.

The forces eliminated terrorists in close-quarters encounters and, with the cooperation of the Brigade’s Fire Control Center, direct the IAF forces to destroy terrorist infrastructure in the area.

Yesterday (Friday), the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman and the Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division, BG Itzik Cohen, held a situational assessment in the area together with the forces. As part of the situational assessment, they discussed the further operating of the IDF forces in the area.

Attached is footage from the situational assessment:

Attached is footage of the activity of the Nahal Brigade combat team in the area of ​​the Karni Corridor:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: Earlier today, IDF soldiers identified a terrorist entering a Hezbollah military structure in the area of Ayta ash Shab. IAF aircraft struck the compound and the terrorist operating from it.

Additionally, IAF aircraft struck a terrorist who operated in Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area of Kfarkela in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strike in Ayta ash Shab:

Attached is a video of the strike in Kfarkela:

IDF: A short while ago, IDF soldiers identified a number of terrorists in Hezbollah military infrastructure in the area of Jibbain in southern Lebanon. Shortly afterward, IAF aircraft struck the terrorist infrastructure where the terrorists operated.

Attached is a video of the strike:

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