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IDF Updates – April 23rd

IDF: The IDF precisely struck Hamas rocket launchers in southern Gaza; IDF counterterrorism activity in the central Gaza Strip’s corridor continues:

Based on IDF intelligence and operational identifications, IAF fighter jets completed several airstrikes overnight on Hamas launch posts located in southern Gaza. ‏The launch posts were loaded, but were struck before any launches were carried out toward Israeli territory.

IDF troops continued their counterterrorism activity in the central Gaza Strip’s corridor. During one of the activities, the troops eliminated a number of terrorists using sniper fire. Additionally, an IAF aircraft struck several terrorists who hid adjacent to a civilian shelter in the area of Bureij. The strike was carried out in a targeted and precise manner.

Over the past day, IAF fighter jets and additional aircraft struck approximately 25 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including military infrastructure, observation posts, terrorists, launch posts.

Attached is a video of the strike on the rocket launchers:

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF activities in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: The IDF eliminated two significant terrorists in Hezbollah’s Aerial Unit

This morning (Tuesday), IAF aircraft struck and eliminated Hussein Ali Azkul, a significant terrorist operative in Hezbollah’s Aerial Defense Unit in southern Lebanon. Azkul was heavily involved in the planning and execution of terrorist attacks against Israel and was involved in the Hezbollah’s Aerial unit’s routine activities. His elimination significantly harms the capabilities of Hezbollah’s Aerial Unit.

Additionally, overnight, the terrorist Sajed Sarafand, a significant terrorist of the Radwan Forces’ Aerial Unit in the Hezbollah terrorist organization was eliminated in the area of Arzoun.
In his role, Sarafand led and promoted terrorist attacks against Israel.

Attached is a video of the elimination of the senior terrorist operative in Hezbollah’s Aerial Defense Unit:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration, a short while ago, the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target off the coast of Nahariyya.

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration, a short while ago, the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted two suspicious aerial targets off the northern coast. The sirens regarding rocket fire sounded following the possibility of fallen shrapnel from the interception. The incident has concluded.

IDF: A short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck two military structures in which Hezbollah terrorists were operating in the areas of Ayta ash Shab and Blida. Additionally, fighter jets struck additional military structures in the area of Markaba in southern Lebanon.

Attached is footage of the strikes:

IDF: Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on one fallen soldier have been published:

IDF: Before and during the holiday: The Netzah Yehuda Battalion operated in the Beit Hanoun area to dismantle terrorist infrastructure

The Netzah Yehuda Battalion (97th Battalion), under the command of the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division, conducted a targeted raid before and during the Passover holiday in the Beit Hanoun area to neutralize terrorist infrastructure. During the operation, the battalion’s soldiers dismantled several terrorist infrastructure and shafts in the area.

During an encounter with terrorists, Sergeant First Class (Res.) ‏Salm Alkreshat, of the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division, was killed. May his memory be a blessing.

Earlier today, the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman, conducted a situational assessment with the combat forces in the field.

Attached is footage of the Netzah Yehuda Battalion’s operations in the Beit Hanoun area:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: The IDF struck terror targets in the areas from which the launches toward Sderot and Kibbutz Zikim were identified this morning

This morning (Tuesday), four launches were identified crossing from the areas of Beit Lahia toward the city of Sderot. An additional launch from Gaza City toward Kibbutz Zikim was also identified. All of the launches that crossed into Israeli territory were successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array.

In response, IAF fighter jets struck the areas from which the launches were identified, as well as a number of additional targets including operational tunnel shafts, military structures, and a launcher containing rockets that were ready to fire toward Israel.

Prior to the strike, the IDF issued warnings encouraging civilians to temporarily evacuate from the areas of the strikes.

Attached is video footage of the strikes:

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