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IDF Updates – April 26th

IDF: Earlier today (Friday), IDF troops removed the debris of a surface-to-surface missile that was intercepted during the Iranian attack. At the beginning of the week, the debris was found by hikers in the area of Nahal Ye’elim, adjacent to the city of Arad.

Under the guidance of the IDF Home Front Command, an aerial removal was carried out using an IAF “Yasur” helicopter and in coordination with the IAF Flight Testing Center.

The helicopter removed the missile debris using a specialized suspension chain, and it was then transferred for ground inspection by fire and rescue forces prior to being sent for further examination.

The terrain and the extreme weight of the missile debris made the removal complex, a process made possible through advanced preparation by the Home Front Command, and assistance from the IAF technological headquarters. During the process, the missile debris was cleared of hazardous materials.

The public is requested to act in accordance with the instructions of the Home Front Command when encountering any suspicious objects.

We emphasize that you should not touch any missile debris and should report findings to the Israel Police 100 hotline.

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IDF: A short while ago, IAF aircraft struck and eliminated Mosab Khalaf in the area of Meidoun in Lebanon, a senior terrorist in the Jamaa Islamiya terrorist organization who advanced a large number of terror attacks against Israel.

The Jamaa Islamiya terrorist organization recently planned and promoted a large number of terror attacks from Lebanese territory against Israel in the area of Har Dov, as well as additional areas in northern Israel.

The terrorist Mosab Khalaf cooperated with the branch of the Hamas terrorist organization in Lebanon, coordinating and carrying out terror attacks against Israel.

Khalaf’s elimination was carried out to harm the terrorist organization’s capability to carry out planned attacks against the State of Israel in the area of the northern border.

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