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IDF Updates – December 13th

IDF: A short while ago, in response to the launches toward Israel earlier today, IDF aircraft and tanks struck a number of military posts and military infrastructure belonging to the Syrian Army in Syrian territory.

Additionally, an IAF fighter jet struck military infrastructure and IDF forces struck a launch post belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanese territory.

Attached is video footage on the subject:

IDF: Attached is a link of the IDF website, where further updates on the fallen soldiers have been published:

IDF: Terrorist cell preparing to launch rockets at Israel thwarted by the IDF

IDF troops identified a terrorist cell in the area of Shejaiya that was en route to launch rockets toward Israel. The troops directed an IAF aircraft to strike the terrorist cell and rocket launcher.

IDF ground, air, and naval forces are continuing precise strikes on terror targets and infrastructure across the Gaza Strip, with over 250 terror targets struck over the last day.

Attached is video footage of the strike on the terrorist cell:

Attached is video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip over the last day:

Attached is video footage of the IDF’s operational activity in the Gaza Strip over the last day:

Attached are photos of the IDF troops’ activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: The Golani Brigade fighting in the Shejaiya Kasbah: intensive battles with terrorists firing from civilian and underground infrastructure

Over the last week, Golani Brigade commanders and soldiers have been operating deep in the Shejaiya area in Gaza City. The troops have been targeting terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Shejaiya Kasbah. The Kasbah is a compact area, with Hamas terrorists operating from inside civilian buildings and tunnel networks below ground. This is an advanced stage of our efforts to clear the area of Hamas terrorists and dismantle its capabilities.

During the operational activity, Golani troops engaged with terrorists who threw explosives at the soldiers and shot at them from inside a residential building in which underground terror infrastructure was also located. The commanders in the field showed bravery and composure, leading from the front and rushing to aid the wounded soldiers. During the heroic battle, commanders and soldiers fell in action while assisting and rescuing the troops in the building. Last night, after the conclusion of the incident, the Commanding Officer of the 36th Division held a situational assessment with Golani Brigade commanders.

IDF: A short while ago, a number of launches from Lebanon toward the area of Yiftah in northern Israel were identified. The launches fell in open areas.
According to protocol, an alert was activated on the Home Front Command app. The IDF is striking the sources of the fire in Lebanon.

Furthermore, earlier today, IDF soldiers struck a Hezbollah terrorist cell in Lebanon. In addition, a fighter jet struck Hezbollah terror infrastructure and a military compound.

IDF: The IDF is continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip; A terrorist cell operating inside a school in Khan Yunis was elimintated by the IDF

After terrorists operating inside a school in Khan Yunis initiated combat with IDF soldiers, the IDF conducted a targeted raid against the terrorists inside the school.

During the operation, the troops engaged with a terrorist cell that fired at the troops with firearms and RPG style anti-tank missiles. The troops killed the terrorists during the battle.

In the area of the school, the troops located long-range rockets and an underground combat compound. Furthermore, IDF troops directed an IAF strike on the compound, and additional observation and control centers belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Attached is video footage of the activity in the school:

IDF: Since the opening of the Humanitarian Zone for Gazan civilians, 116 launches from the area have been identified

On 18.10.23, the IDF designated a humanitarian zone for civilians in the Gaza Strip. Since it’s opening and until today, 116 rockets have been fired from the humanitarian zone toward the State of Israel. 38 of these rockets fell inside of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas continues to use the humanitarian zone to carry out terrorist activities, further endangering the lives of civilians in Gaza civilians and the State of Israel.

Attached is an infographic of launches from within the humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: “The ground operation, together with the Air Force’s accompaniment, enables us to thoroughly dismantle the terrorist infrastructures as we are required to do in order to fulfill our mission, which is to allow residents to return home knowing that there is no terror on the other side of the border.”

Please find attached the translated evening briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

IDF: Please find below the transcript and video of the English briefing by Major (res.) Keren Hajioff following the IDF Spokesperon’s evening statement:

Good evening, my name is Major Keren Hajioff. Following Rear Admiral Hagari’s statement, I want to add a few words.

After Hamas violated the humanitarian pause on December 1st, we entered a new phase in our war against Hamas.

This week alone, IDF forces encountered and exposed even more evidence of Hamas’s deplorable exploitation of Gazan civilians as shields.
In Shejaiya, Khan Yunis, Rimal, and Jabalya, our troops found large weapons depots and tunnels in multiple schools – there was even a sniper rifle hidden inside a teddy bear. We found an RPG training facility inside a mosque in Jabalya. To name only a few.

The fact of the matter is – Hamas has spent the last 16 years embedding itself inside and under civilian areas in Gaza. This is the logic of Hamas’s inhumane strategy. By attacking from behind civilians – Hamas seeks to hinder the IDF’s efforts to distinguish between civilians and terrorists.

However, the complexity of the battlefield will not deter us from our efforts to do so. As a military committed to international law and a moral code of conduct, we are devoting vast resources to minimizing harm to the civilians that Hamas has forced into the role of human shields.

Our war is against Hamas, not against the people of Gaza. It’s hard to remain indifferent to the loss of innocent lives – Israeli or Palestinian. But while Hamas sees every innocent death as a strategy; we see every innocent death as a tragedy.

Here are only some of the measures that we’re taking to prevent them:

First: We are encouraging Gazan civilians to temporarily move out of the line of fire.

We published a website with maps and instructions to guide Gazans in specific neighborhoods to safer areas. Now, we understand that not everyone in Gaza may have access to the internet, so we are also communicating by dropping fliers, with instructions in Arabic. We also have IDF officers communicating in Arabic – in the media, online, on the radio and on the ground. This is in addition to tens of thousands of individual phone calls – to people in Gaza.

I want to make this very clear: Our warnings to civilians in Gaza — to move away from the danger Hamas puts them in — Ultimately means that the IDF is announcing — in advance — its areas of operations. This is almost unheard of in military warfare.

Second: We are continuously refining our operations to minimize harm to uninvolved civilians.

Throughout the war, we’ve adapted our operations and we even hold fire if necessary — to enable Gazans – to safely move through the humanitarian corridors we opened.

Third: We continuously assess and verify that our strikes are directed at military targets, and choose specific munitions for certain Hamas targets to avoid unnecessary damage.

While we take extensive measures to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas makes every effort to maximize them. That is the enemy we face. That is our reality. This is who we will defeat. Hamas tactics – as despicable as they are – will not stop us from upholding our values.

Our war is against Hamas, not against the people of Gaza. But – actions speak louder than words. Which is why yesterday, we also opened the Kerem Shalom terminal for inspection – to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

This joins our existing efforts, which have already seen over 4,000 trucks of aid – carrying 70,000 tonnes of food, water, medicine, medical gear and shelters entering Gaza since the start of this war.

On October 7th Hamas exposed its genocidal goals to the world. Hamas has announced – publicly and repeatedly — that it intends to carry out more October the 7th massacres.
The IDF will not let them.

It is our duty to defend the people of Israel – and bring our hostages home. We will continue fulfilling this mission – while taking all feasible measures to protect civilian lives.

IDF: The Chief of the General Staff lights the Hanukkah candles with injured IDF soldiers, and refers to the operation in Shejaiya: The commanders who fell in battle are an expression of our spirit – commanders leading from the front, this is how we operate in the IDF.

The Chief of the General Staff lit the Hanukkah candles today, Wednesday, with injured IDF soldiers in the rehabilitation center in the Sheba Hospital, along with Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, M.D., Director General of the Sheba Medical Center.

Attached is a video of the Chief of the General Staff:

Attached is a video of the Hanukkah candle lighting:

Attached are photos on the subject:

Attached are the full remarks of the Chief of the General Staff:
“Your choice to go to battle, is by itself huge heroism. The actions you took in which you were injured, are true heroism, which is why I tell you, not as a cliche, I see in you a model Israeli generation.
Your heroism, and of those who unfortunately fell and we couldn’t bring them to this state of rehabilitation, are the light which repels the darkness, and in this room there is so much light.
I’d like you to know, I meet plenty of fighting forces. They look upon you, they want to know how you’re doing, they admire you, fighters are looking at you and at your story, amongst all of us, each one with their own story, brings much pride to us all, endless appreciation to you and what you’ve done, and much more than that, it drives us to continue and operate, with the strength and values we get from you.
With this, we know well that heroism isn’t taught in schools, it is also not a coincidence. Heroism is an expression of spirit, it’s an expression for the IDF spirit, for the spirit of the State of Israel, of the Jewish people, and of everything that each and every one of you brings from home and from yourselves as commanders and fighters.
The commanders and fighters that fell in battle are an expression of that spirit, and as we all know, yesterday we experienced a difficult incident, but it is one in which one team was in distress and other forces and high ranked commanders walked into the fire, into danger, commanders leading from the front, as we teach in the IDF. This is what we believe is the right way to fight, this is what we believe to be the right way to win.
I tell you, with open heart, we will accompany you all the way, we will learn from times when we didn’t accompany you well enough, and be with you. Like you were there for the State of Israel, we will be there for you.”

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