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IDF Updates – December 18th

IDF: The IDF is continuing to operate against Hamas terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Gaza Strip

During IDF operational activity in Jabalya, IDF troops located 5,000,000 NIS worth of funds designated for terrorist activity inside a senior Hamas terrorist’s residence. The funds were found in suitcases alongside numerous weapons.

IDF troops also struck terrorist infrastructure where weapons were located, including explosive devices, military equipment, and RPGs. A cache of mortars and ammunition was also located in the basement of the structure. Terror tunnel shafts and launch pits in the area were also destroyed.

Yesterday (Sunday), an IAF aircraft identified a suspicious terrorist cell entering Hamas terrorist infrastructure in the Khan Yunis area. IDF ground troops then directed an IAF helicopter to strike and eliminate the cell.

IDF troops also located a sniper in a compound in Khan Yunis. The troops directed an IDF aircraft to strike and kill the sniper.

Over the past day, IDF naval forces struck Hamas terror targets and supported the ground troops’ activity along the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Attached are photos of the terror funds located:

Attached are photos of the weapons located:

Attached is a video of the IDF’s activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of the strikes over the past day in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Protecting Israel’s Skies: Long-Range Aerial Threats Thwarted by the Israeli Air Force in Defensive Missions

Since the beginning of the war, the IAF’s Command and Control Array and the Fighter Array have been identifying long-range threats and hostile targets. The Command and Control System is constantly building an Aerial assessment that synchronizes hundreds of aircraft over a dense combat zone, as well as the threats of hostile aircraft and cruise missiles.

Following a precise identification, the confirmation of a threat and the activation of forces, a number of cruise missiles launched into the State of Israel’s airspace have been successfully intercepted. IAF Command and Control Array and Fighter Array personnel identified the targets, tracked their trajectories and activated the Air Force, including fighter jets and additional means, to thwart the aerial threats.

Attached is footage of the interception of hostile aircraft and cruise missiles:

IDF: Following the sirens sounded in northern Israel, a short while ago, the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory. A siren indicating rocket fire sounded as a result of shrapnel from the interception.

Furthermore, a number of launches from Lebanon toward the area of Ya’ara in northern Israel were identified this morning.

This morning, IDF artillery struck in Lebanese territory. In addition, IDF soldiers and aircraft struck an anti-tank missile terrorist cell in Lebanon.

IDF: “IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari: “We abort attacks when we see unexpected civilian presence. We choose the right munition for each target — so it doesn’t cause unnecessary damage.”

“Hamas sees civilian death as a strategy, we see it as a tragedy — which is why we use many measures to try and minimize the civilian harm and suffering — that is the tragic reality — in this war that Hamas started.”

“We warn civilians before attacks, whenever possible. We also recommend civilians to temporarily move away from areas of intense fighting.”

“Our intent is to defeat Hamas and secure the release of our hostages. The tragic suffering of civilians in Gaza — is not our intent.”

Please find attached a statement by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

Compilation of aborted strikes due to unexpected presence of civilians:

Full Transcript of the statement by Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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