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IDF Updates – December 20th

IDF: Footage of IDF troops eliminating a terrorist armed with an RPG

During operational activity in the area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified a terrorist carrying an RPG exiting out of a military site. The troops directed an IAF aircraft to strike and eliminate the terrorist.

Attached is video footage of the strike:

IDF: The IDF is continuing to operate against Hamas terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Gaza Strip; the troops located a truck with long-range rockets installed by the Hamas terrorist organization

Over the past day, IDF troops conducted a targeted raid in Jabalya and located a truck with long-range rockets installed by the Hamas terrorist organization. Numerous weapons, including guns were also located. The troops destroyed the vehicle and the rockets.

In addition, IDF troops conducted a targeted raid on residences of senior Hamas terrorists in Khan Yunis, where underground terrorist infrastructure with water and electricity systems was exposed.

Throughout the day, the troops identified terrorists that took cover in a compound in Jabalya. In coordination with the IAF and ground troops, an IDF aircraft targeted and killed the terrorists within the compound. A compound where an anti-tank missile launch post suspected of firing toward IDF vehicles was struck as well.

Attached is a video of IDF troops revealing the vehicle with rockets on it:

Attached is a photo of the rockets located:

IDF: The IDF reveals the tunnel network used by Hamas’ senior leadership in the “Elite Quarter” of Gaza Strip

IDF troops have secured control over Hamas’ “Elite Quarter” in the center of Gaza City, including the area of the ‘Palestine Square’, from where Hamas’ administrative and military leadership operated. The complex includes a large network of tunnels that connects terrorist hideouts, bureaus, and residential apartments belonging to Hamas’ senior leadership. This complex, both above and below ground, was a center of power for Hamas’ military and political wings.

In recent weeks, the 401st Brigade in the 162nd Division, along with forces from the Shaldag Unit, Shayetet 13 and the Yahalom Unit have been operating in the area of Rimal in Gaza City, where ‘Palestine Square’ is located. The forces carried out a combined and coordinated offensive on ‘Palestine Square’ and took operational control over the area. Over the last few days, the area was completely secured. During the battles to secure the area, IDF forces eliminated approximately 600 terrorists in both ground and aerial operations.

‘Palestine Square’ was a center of Hamas’ military rule and is surrounded by buildings that served as command and control centers, terror tunnel shafts and strategic buildings belonging to the organization. This military infrastructure was located in the direct vicinity of commercial stores, government buildings, civilian residences, and a designated school for deaf children. The square is the center of the strategic tunnel network, of some of Hamas leadership’s strongholds and connects to the underground infrastructure in the area of ​​the Rantisi Hospital and the Shifa Hospital.

After securing the area, a “sweep and clear” operation revealed the underground terrorist city which is part of Hamas’ tunnel system and includes a strategic tunnel route connected to other significant underground infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Tunnel shafts leading to the network of tunnels are located in the residences and offices of senior officials and allow for a covert descent through designated elevators and stairs. This enabled Hamas operatives to both escape and remain in hideouts for extended periods. The underground tunnel network includes blast doors and hideouts. In some cases, food products, water, and electrical infrastructure were found that allowed for prolonged stays. This network was used by the organization’s senior officials, Ismail Haniyeh, Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Deif, and others, to direct Hamas’ operational activity. It was also used for protected daily movement through the heart of Gaza City.

In the vicinity of these buildings, Hamas established a specialized workshop for digging and building the underground network. A tunnel shaft used for logistics and tunnel construction equipment including tunnel walls and concrete arches that make up the tunnel ceilings, were found inside the workshop. Next to the workshop is a shaft 20 meters deep, with descending spiral stairs, as well as a blast door and forks in the tunnel’s pathway. The tunnel shaft was demolished by explosives embedded by Hamas there, and numerous weapons and technological devices were found nearby.

Attached is footage of the activities of the 401st Brigade and Shayetet 13 forces in the Palestine Square area:

Attached is an animated infographic describing the tunnel shafts in Hamas’ “Elite Quarter” in the center of Gaza City:

In addition, attached is an aerial photograph that depicts the strongholds of the Hamas leadership in the northern Gaza Strip and connects to the underground infrastructure in the area of ​​Rantisi Hospital and Shifa Hospital. From these Strongholds, the activities of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip are controlled, above and below ground:

Attached is footage of Shaldag forces in the tunnel that emerges from the residence of Yahya Sinwar’s aide-de-camp:

Attached is a sync of the Commanding Officer of the 401st Brigade, COL Benny Aharon, revealing an underground bunker and a tunnel shaft in Palestine Square:

Attached is a sync of the Deputy Commanding Officer of the 401st brigade, LTC Ido, revealing a specialized construction workshop for a tunnel with a logistical tunnel shaft inside:

Attached is footage from a significant tunnel 20 meters deep and from a tunnel that emerges from the residence of Yahya Sinwar’s aide-de-camp:

Attached are photos from the animated infographic:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in the Golan Heights, four launches from Syria that crossed into Israel were identified. The IDF struck the sources of the fire and a military post belonging to the Syrian army.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah operational command center in Lebanon.

Furthermore, IDF soldiers identified a number of terrorists approaching the security fence from Lebanon along the border in the area of Metula. IDF soldiers fired toward them, hits were identified.

Attached is a related video:

IDF: The Commander of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman: “We are in an additional significant phase of strikes in new areas”

Today (Wednesday), the Commander of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman, toured in Khan Yunis with the forces of the 98th Division. MG Finkelman spoke with the commanders and soldiers regarding the continuation of the fighting:

IDF: IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

“Our duty to dismantle terrorist infrastructure extends beyond the present; it is to prevent the existence of such terrorist infrastructure in the future, eliminating the capability of terrorists to fight, plan, and execute such attacks against us.”

Please find attached the translated evening briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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