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IDF Updates – December 25th

IDF: IDF ground, air, and naval troops are conducting joint combat against the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip

IDF ground, air, and naval troops are continuing to conduct joint combat throughout the Gaza Strip. IDF naval troops struck a number of Hamas terror targets, including terrorist cells that were identified near the troops, terrorists hiding in buildings adjacent the troops, and military posts from which terrorists fired toward the troops.

Over the last day, IDF troops directed an IAF fighter jet to eliminate a commander of the Hamas terrorist organization who was located in the area of Khan Yunis. Following his elimination, a number of terrorists armed with a rocket were identified near the troops, who were struck by IAF aircraft.

In addition, IDF ground troops eliminated a number of terrorists that were located inside terrorist infrastructure. Following their identification, the ground troops directed an IAF fighter jet to strike the infrastructure. Furthermore, during operational activity in Beit Lahia, several weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization were located, including “Kalashnikov” rifles, ready-to-use explosive devices with detonators and chargers.

Moreover, IDF ground troops conducted a targeted raid on the residence of a Hamas terrorist in Khan Yunis in which they located weapons, following which the troops destroyed the infrastructure.

Attached is video footage of the location of weapons by IDF ground troops in the northern Gaza Strip:

Attached is video footage of the Israeli navy strikes:

Attached is a video of the Israeli naval activity during combat:

IDF: Terrorist infrastructure in the Indonesian Hospital used by the terrorists on October 7th located by the IDF

During operational activity, IDF soldiers found evidence connecting Hamas’ terrorist activities to the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

In the inner compound of the hospital, a white Toyota truck of the same type used by Hamas terrorists during the October 7th massacre was located, along with additional weapons.

Furthermore, in the same inner compound and demarcated area, a Toyota Corolla vehicle with an Israeli license plate was found that belonged to the family of the late Samer Talalka. RPG remnants and bloodstains were found in the vehicle, which were identified as belonging to another hostage. The finding of the vehicle directly links the hospital to the brutal events of October 7th.

The Indonesian Hospital was opened in 2015 near Jabalya and is the largest hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. It is one of the hospitals that the Hamas terrorist organization uses in order to hide behind sick civilians, and from which it operates terrorist infrastructure. The Indonesian Hospital serves as a meeting place to conduct fighting and a base for senior officials and operatives of the Hamas terrorist organization. The hospital has extensive terrorist infrastructure and near it there are tunnel shafts leading to a tunnel route in the hospital area.

The Indonesian Hospital is the strategic underground center of Hamas’ Jabalya Battalion. During the war, armed Nukhba operatives were sighted in the hospital. They used it as a gathering point before leaving to carry out their activities.

Attached is footage from the Indonesian Hospital area where the Israeli vehicle that was taken on October 7th was found:

Attached is footage of Shayetet 13’s operational activity in the Indonesian Hospital area:

Attached is a sync of the Commander of a Squadron in Shayetet 13, Cdr. A.:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: From inside a school: a terrorist fires at soldiers of the Nahal Brigade

Following information regarding Hamas terrorists hiding inside schools, soldiers of the Nahal Brigade in the 162nd Division conducted operational activity in the area of ​​the “Al Rafaa” and “Zavaha” schools in Tuffah in the northern Gaza Strip.

During the encounter with the terrorists and their elimination, the soldiers located dozens of explosive devices in UNRWA bags, Kalashnikovs and 15 explosive belts. In one of Hamas’ attempts to attack our soldiers, a terrorist fired an anti-tank missile at IDF soldiers. Immediately afterwards, the terrorist was eliminated by a precise strike from a tank.

Many terrorists who hid inside the schools were identified as operatives of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad and were brought in for questioning. Some of the terrorists that were brought in for questioning took part in the October 7th massacre.

This is further evidence of Hamas’ use of the civilian population and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip as human shields for its terrorist activity.

Attached is footage of IDF soldiers striking and eliminating a terrorist:

Attached is footage of IDF soldiers in the area:

Attached are photos of weapons found in the area:

IDF: Over the last few hours, a number of launches from Lebanon toward several locations in northern Israel were identified.

A short while ago, IDF tanks struck Hezbollah infrastructure sites used for directing terrorist activity in Lebanon.

IDF: IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

“Our forces continue to expose and dismantle terrorist infrastructure, and tonight we are releasing footage of a Hamas base established at the Indonesian Hospital in Jabalya. The evidence we have collected indicates that the hospital area served Hamas terrorists as a gathering point before the October 7th attack and provided refuge for them afterward.”

Please find attached the translated evening briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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