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IDF Updates – December 29th

IDF: IDF troops are extending operations in the area of Khan Yunis; a terrorist who aimed an RPG at the troops was identified by an aircraft and killed by a tank before he was able to fire

Over the last day, in several different engagements, IDF troops eliminated dozens of terrorists using aerial strikes, and sniper and tank fire.

In one incident, an aircraft identified a terrorist carrying an RPG who was running toward the troops. IDF tanks killed the terrorist before he was able to fire at the forces.

Yesterday (Thursday), while IDF troops began dismantling terrorist infrastructure in Khan Yunis, a terrorist was identified retrieving an RPG from a shaft. The troops responded by launching a number of grenades toward the terrorist.

Additionally, several terrorists who were hiding inside a structure were struck and killed by an IDF tank. Furthermore, a terrorist located approximately 100 meters from the troops was identified by the forces and eliminated in a UAV strike. The troops also located a terrorist cell fortified inside a compound. A fighter jet struck the building and killed the terrorists.

During intelligence-based searches of the residence Hamas terrorist on the outskirts of Jabalya, IDF troops located weapons, Hamas military certifications and textbooks about the IDF.

Attached is a video of the elimination of a terrorist carrying an RPG:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes:

Attached are photos of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on 1 fallen soldier have been published:

In addition, attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on soldiers who were injured have been published:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration, it was determined to be a false identification and there is no risk of a security incident.

Additionally, a short while ago, a number of launches from Lebanon toward the areas of Dovev and Bar’am in northern Israel were identified. In response, IDF artillery is striking the sources of the launches.

IDF: Operation “Oz and Nir”: for the first time since the beginning of the war, the 5th Brigade Combat Team is operating in ​​Khirbat Ikhza’a – the area from which Hamas terrorists set out to massacre and abduct civilians in Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7th

The soldiers of the 5th Brigade under the command of the Gaza Division, together with soldiers of the Armored and Combat Engineering Corps, have begun operations in the Khirbat Ikhza’a area in the southern Gaza Strip. On October 7th, Hamas terrorists set out from the Khirbat Ikhza’a area, invaded Israeli territory, and attacked Kibbutz Nir Oz, where they brutally murdered and abducted scores of innocent civilians.

The soldiers are working to gain operational control of the Khirbat Ikhza’a area in this additional focal point for IDF combat operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. So far, the soldiers there have eliminated terrorists and struck a number of significant terrorist targets, including tunnel shafts, a tunnel route and anti-tank missile launch posts. Dozens of tunnel shafts have already been located, as well as large quantities of weapons, including AK-47s, rifles, grenades, mines, launchers and mortars. The combat engineering soldiers of the brigade’s combat team also destroyed terrorist infrastructure located in the residences of the terrorists who participated in the brutal massacre in Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7th.

Attached is footage of the activities of the 5th Brigade in the Khirbat Ikhza’a area:

Attached is a sync of the Commanding Officer of the 5th Brigade, COL Tal Kuritsky:

Attached are photos of the weapons and tunnel shafts that were located:

IDF: A short while ago, a car ramming attack was carried out adjacent to a military post near the Adorayim Junction. IDF soldiers who were operating in the area neutralized the terrorist. Additional IDF soldiers have been deployed to reinforce the area.
[4:03 PM, 12/29/2023] Shalom Menora: IDF: Weapons inside a child’s bedroom, destroying buildings rigged with explosives and eliminating terrorists: soldiers of the Kfir Brigade Combat Team join the fight in Khan Yunis

Last week the soldiers of the Kfir Brigade Combat Team joined the soldiers of the 98th Division fighting in the Khan Yunis area. During their activity in the area, the soldiers eliminated terrorist cells with the help of artillery, air and armored forces. Guided by intelligence, the soldiers conducted operational activity in the residences of dozens of Hamas operatives, where ready-to-use explosives were found. The soldiers destroyed buildings rigged with explosives as well.

In addition, many weapons and tunnel shafts were located in the area. The soldiers also located a doll that Hamas dressed in an olive green one-piece snowsuit, apparently in an attempt by Hamas terrorists to deceive IDF soldiers and harm them by luring them into an ambush.

During the activity, soldiers of the Combat Team located weapons in a child’s bedroom in a house, some of which were hidden inside a children’s bag. The weapons found include: grenades, vests, weapons, cartridges and intelligence materials. Furthermore, the soldiers located a laboratory used for the production of explosive devices.

Attached is footage of the weapons that the IDF soldiers found in the child’s bedroom:

Attached is a video of the Kfir Brigade Combat Team in Khan Yunis:

Attached are photos of the weapons found by the soldiers of the Kfir Brigade Combat Team:

Attached are photos of the soldiers’ activity:

IDF: Over the last hour, a number of launches from Lebanon toward Israel were identified, two of which crossed into Israeli territory. In response, IDF artillery struck the sources of the fire.

Moreover, the IDF struck a Hezbollah terrorist cell responsible for launching anti-tank missiles in the area of Aitaroun and a missile launcher used to launch toward the area of Bar’am in northern Israel earlier today.

Additionally, over the last few hours, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area of Wadi Hamul in Lebanon. Among the targets struck were launch sites, a military compound, and additional terrorist infrastructure.

Following the sirens sounded regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration in northern Israel, the incident was c…

IDF: Tunnels of Hamas’ general headquarters located and destroyed in the northern Gaza Strip: in the tunnels was an electricity network, ventilation and sewage infrastructure, prayer rooms and resting rooms

In recent weeks, the 14th Reserve Brigade Combat Team, under the command of the 162nd Division, located and destroyed one of the hideout apartments of the Leader of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar. The apartment was located near Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip, with many findings inside.

Soldiers of the Yahalom Unit examined the apartment using additional technological means, and discovered that a strategic tunnel shaft was located on the basement floor. The soldiers inspected the tunnel shaft and reached a signifi…

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