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IDF Updates – February 22nd

IDF: IDF troops continue to operate in the northern, central, and southern Gaza Strip against the Hamas terrorist organization and eliminated a terrorist cell that attempted to attack the troops

IDF troops are continuing intensive operations in western Khan Yunis and killed dozens of terrorists over the past day. The troops directed aircraft that killed a number of the terrorists, and additional terrorists were killed by tank and sniper fire. IDF troops in Khan Yunis identified a number of terrorists armed with an RPG missile and an AK-47. The terrorists were killed by the soldiers at close-range.

The IAF directed by IDF troops struck a Hamas weapons storage facility in Khan Yunis. During the strike, secondary explosions were identified at the site, indicating that large quantities of weapons were stored at the site.

In the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops are continuing to operate and have killed a number of terrorists over the past day. During one of the activities, IDF troops identified a terrorist in the area, and within a few minutes, the terrorist was killed by sniper fire.

Attached is a video of the strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Eliminating terrorists, destroying an underground tunnel route and locating weapons: the 646th Reserve Brigade combat team in the Gaza Strip

The 646th Reserve Brigade has been fighting in the Gaza Strip during the past few months. During their activities, the combat soldiers eliminated many terrorists, located weapons and destroyed a strategic underground tunnel route of the Hamas terrorist organization that crosses through the Gaza Strip from north to south.

With the beginning of the ground operation, the brigade combat team operated on terror targets in the area of ​​the central camps, in Bureij, Nuseirat and the “Towers” neighborhood belonging to Hamas operatives. At the end of their mission in the central camps, they continued to operate in the southern Gaza Strip in the Khan Yunis area. In their activity, they completed an operation in the “Abasan” area, in which they eliminated a large number of terrorists and located and confiscated large quantities of weapons. During the operation dozens of terrorists who hid within the civilian population were detained.

The brigade completed its mission in the Gaza Strip last week.

The Commanding Officer of the 646th Brigade, COL Elad Shushan: “We reached every hideout above and below ground in the Gaza Strip, and today the terrorists know that there is no safe hiding place, and that their fate is sealed. It is our duty to embrace and support the bereaved families and the injured, and to accompany them forward. Dear soldiers, I am proud of you for the strength of spirit and resilience you have shown. I am sure that this is what our fallen would expect from us. We will continue with all our might. The mission is not yet complete, and I have no doubt that the brigade will stand ready whenever and wherever required.”

Attached is footage of the activities of the 646th Brigade combat team in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: Throughout the morning, IDF fighter jets struck a number of Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon.

The soldiers struck two launch posts in the areas of Yaroun and Marwahin, and additional terrorist infrastructure in the areas of Dhayra and Yaroun.

Two military structures were struck in the areas of Houla and Blida.

Attached is a video footage of the strikes:

IDF: Throughout the day, launches toward the areas of Kibbutz Misgav Am and Margaliot in northern Israel were identified. No injuries were reported.

IDF fighter jets struck terrorist infrastructure in the area of Blida. Additionally, a number of military structures used by the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the area of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon were struck.
A short while ago, an additional military structure was struck in the area of Kfarkela in which Hezbollah terrorists were identified.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Earlier today, a report was received regarding a Hezbollah aircraft that was located in the area of the Western Galilee.
The incident is under review.
IDF and Israel Police forces are at the scene.

IDF: Weapons located in the compound of a UN school are further evidence of Hamas’ exploitation of the Gazan civilian population for its terrorist activities

During an operation last week, the Paratrooper Brigade combat team located large quantities of weapons inside a building adjacent to a UN school in Khan Yunis. The school had been used as a humanitarian shelter for Gazan residents. The weapons found by the IDF include AK-47s, warheads, grenades, RPGs and ammunition. The terrorists used a gap in the school wall as a passage to the adjacent building, from which they took their weapons to use in attacks on IDF soldiers.

In parallel, the soldiers worked to evacuate the civilian population from the combat zone for their safety. Approximately 60 terrorists who were hiding among the civilian population and tried to take advantage of the evacuation process to escape, were detained by the IDF. The terrorists were taken for further investigation by the security forces in Israel. This is further evidence of Hamas’ cynical use of the civilian population for terrorist activities.

In another nearby building, the soldiers located weapons, ammunition, cartridges, vests and Hamas uniforms. In addition, the soldiers raided the residence of the Head of the Anti-Tank Array of the Khan Yunis Brigade, where they found many weapons and intelligence materials.

The Paratrooper Brigade combat team is continuing to intensify the fighting in western Khan Yunis. The soldiers are operating against terrorist targets and eliminating many terrorists in close-quarters battles and with accurate sniper fire.

Attached is an aerial photograph illustrating the passage between the UN building and the building where large quantities of weapons were found:

Attached is footage of weapons found by the Paratrooper Brigade combat team western Khan Yunis:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: IDF troops conducted a targeted raid in the Zaytun area in northern Gaza. During the activity, terrorists were killed, and numerous weapons were located. In parallel, IDF troops intensified activities in Khan Yunis

IDF troops operated in the area of Zaytun, south of Gaza City over the past day, and killed dozens of terrorists in ground encounters and targeted air strikes.

The troops secured the area and searched suspicious buildings. During the activity, the troops located weapons including an RPG and AK-47 rifle inside a residential building.
Using a drone, the troops identified a terrorist in the area. Following the identification, the troops killed the terrorists.

During an IDF activity, terrorists fired anti-tank missiles at the troops. IDF troo…

IDF: “Commanders,
Significant challenges and prolonged fighting await us – in the north, in the center and in the south. This is a war for our home. It is our determination and professionalism in every arena and in the face of every enemy that will make it clear to those who wish us ill the price involved in an attack on the State of Israel.”

Attached is the Chief of the General Staff’s Letter to the Commanders of the IDF:

IDF: Yesterday (Tuesday), IDF soldiers identified a number of terrorists entering a military compound in the area of Yaroun in southern Lebanon. IDF fighter jets were scrambled to the scene and struck the compound, while the terrorists were located inside.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck three Hezbollah operational command centers in southern Lebanon.

Furthermore, this morning, IDF artillery struck in order to remove a threat in the areas of Aalma El Chaeb and Dhayra in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s military activity south of the Litani River in Lebanon, including the use and storage of armaments, is a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. The IDF will continue to defend Israel’s borders from any threat.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Destroying another tunnel used by senior Hamas officials, eliminating terrorists in close-quarters combat: Footage of Yahalom unit troops’ activity in the Gaza Strip

Since the beginning of the war, the Yahalom unit has been operating throughout the Gaza Strip, both above and below ground. The unit focuses on the tunnel network, which constitutes a central part of Hamas’ mode of operation, and includes significant and strategic centers of gravity of the organization.

The fighters combat with professionalism in close-quarters combat, exposing and destroying tunnels and underground routes, and achieving significant results.

Recently, a number of strategic tunnels in Khan Yunis, used by senior Hamas officials were released for publication. Now, the IDF i…

IDF: The terrorist who launched mortar shells from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory was eliminated

Earlier today (Wednesday), a number of mortar shell launches were identified from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory. The launches fell in an open area and no injuries were reported.

A number of minutes after, IDF troops identified the launch point in the area of Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

An aircraft eliminated the terrorist and struck the launcher from which the mortar shells were fired.

Attached is a video of the strike:

IDF: Over the past few hours, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon.

Among the targets struck were a number of terrorist infrastructure, an observation post in the area of Khiam, and a military post in the area of Zibqin from which launches toward the area of Shlomi in northern Israel were carried out earlier today.

Furthermore, earlier today (Wednesday), an IDF helicopter struck an observation post in which terrorists were operating in the area of Ramyeh. Additionally, IDF artillery struck in the area of Aitaroun in order to remove an immediate threat.

Attached is video footage of the strikes:

IDF: Following the report regarding sirens that sounded in the city of Eilat, the “Arrow” Aerial Defense System successfully intercepted a launch which was identified in the area of the Red Sea and was en route to Israel.

The target did not cross into Israeli territory and did not pose a threat to civilians. The sirens were sounded according to policy.

IDF: Elimination of terrorists and targeted raids on terror targets; IDF operational activity in Zaytun continues. IAF and Israeli Navy troops continue to destroy terrorist infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip

Over the past day, IDF troops continued to expand the offensive activity in the area of Zaytun in northern Gaza. At the same time, IDF ground troops continue to engage and kill terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructure in the area of Khan Yunis.
Overnight, Israeli Naval Forces targeted and destroyed a number of vessels used by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations in southern Gaza.

IDF ground troops directed fighter jets and aircraft to strike over 10 targets, from which attacks were carried out and directed against IDF tro…

IDF: Over the past few hours, numerous launches were identified crossing from Lebanon into the areas of Kiryat Shmona and Yuval in northern Israel. The IDF struck the sources of the fire.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military compound in the area of Maroun El Ras and terrorist infrastructure in Kfarkela and Khiam. Furthermore, an IDF tank fired in order to remove a threat in the area of Jebbayn in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

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