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IDF Updates – January 1st

IDF: Terrorists eliminated in joint ground and aerial operations in the Gaza Strip

IDF troops in the Gaza Division directed an IAF fighter jet to strike and eliminate Adil Mismah, the Nukhba Company Commander of Deir al-Balah. Mismah commanded in the field Nukhba terrorists who carried out the brutal attack on Kibbutz Kissufim during Hamas’ October 7th invasion and massacre in southern Israel. He also directed Hamas terrorists to other communities in the area near the Gaza Strip, including Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Nirim. Following October 7th, Mismah led combat against IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.

During ground operations in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF troops struck terror targets in the area of Abu al-Ata in Shejaiya. These terror targets were used as a compound for conducting warfare by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations. During the operation, the troops conducted a targeted raid on the terrorist organizations’ command and control center and located large quantities of weapons used by the terrorist organizations in the area of a mosque.

In a separate incident, a terrorist cell attacked IDF troops with mortar shells. IAF aircraft identified the launcher and directed IDF ground troops to destroy the launch post and eliminate the terrorists.

During additional operational activity in the area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops identified a terrorist launching rockets. The troops directed an IAF aircraft to strike and eliminate the terrorist.

Overnight, IDF naval troops struck Hamas terror targets and continued to support IDF ground troops in the Gaza Strip.

Attached is video footage of the launches toward IDF troops, destruction of the launch post, and elimination of the terrorist cell:

Attached is video footage of the strikes in the Gaza Strip over the last day:

Attached are photos from the IDF ground troops’ operational activity in Shejaiya:

Attached are photos from the IDF troops’ operational activity in the Gaza Strip over the last day:

IDF: This morning (Monday), the IDF identified a terrorist cell that attempted to launch UAVs toward Israeli territory. The terrorist cell was struck by an IAF aircraft before it was able to carry out the launches and the UAVs that the cell used were destroyed.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization also attempted to launch hostile aircraft from a civilian area in Maroun El Ras, adjacent to the border with Israel, earlier today. This is a further example of Hezbollah’s use of civilian areas for its terrorist activity and its violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

IAF fighter jets also struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon.

Furthermore, following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel and the sirens concerning a hostile aircraft infiltration in Avivim in northern Israel, this was determined to be a false identification.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Exposed: Video footage of Hamas’ operational methods

Over the past week, the 401st Brigade has been operating against the Daraj Tuffah Battalion in the northern Gaza Strip. The soldiers conducted targeted raids on military posts and the residences of senior officials and neutralized dozens of anti-tank missile cells.

Following intelligence regarding the presence of a terrorist cell in a building, IDF soldiers from the Shaked Battalion scanned the area and conducted a targeted raid on the location. During the activity, soldiers encountered several terrorists and engaged in a firefight, which ended with the soldiers killing the terrorists.

Whilst scanning the building, soldiers found a camera belonging to one of the terrorists who was killed, with footage showing Hamas’ operational methods.

Attached is footage from the camera, accompanied by a video announcement from the Commander of the Shaked Battalion, LTC Yair:

“If you don’t like it, I’ll put the bomb between you and your wife”: Investigations by Unit 504 reveal Hamas’ exploitation of Gazans

Two terrorists – one Hamas and one Islamic Jihad – investigated by Unit 504 of the IDF Intelligence Directorate reveal how Hamas exploits civilians and civilian areas in the Gaza Strip for its terrorist activity.

Zohadi Ali Zahadi Shahin – a Hamas operative in its Shati Battalion admits in his investigation that Hamas stopped Gazans who tried to move southwards to Rafah and transferred them to the Shifa Hospital. At the hospital, the terrorists stayed underground, but when they realized that the IDF was coming to the hospital, they went up to the ground floor where civilians were staying.

Attached is footage from the investigation of Zohadi Ali Zahadi Shahin:

Muhammad Darwish Amara – an Islamic Jihad operative from the group’s Gaza Brigade admitted that – despite his objections – a Hamas operative planted a bomb in his apartment where his children were staying.

Attached is footage from the investigation of Muhammad Darwish Amara:

IDF: Large quantities of weapons located in a kindergarten as the IDF expands combat operations in additional areas

Over the last two weeks, the 99th Division troops have been fighting in the center of the Gaza Strip. The Brigade’s soldiers have killed many terrorists, destroyed over 100 tunnel shafts, located stockpiles of weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization including RPG missiles and ammunition, and directed dozens of air strikes on terrorist targets near Gaza City. In their operations, the troops are consolidating their operational hold of the combat zone, allowing the expansion of the operations to additional locations and preventing the enemy from returning to its positions. As part of the operation, the 646th Brigade located numerous weapons in a kindergarten in the area.

Attached is footage of the 646th Brigade combat team locating weapons in a kindergarten:

IDF: IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

“During the operation in Khan Yunis, our forces identified suspects who were hiding among women and children. During interrogation, it was revealed that they were terrorists, some of whom participated in the terrorist attack on October 7th.”

Please find attached the translated evening briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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