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IDF Updates – July 4th

IDF: Please find attached a joint announcement of the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police regarding the conclusions of the supplementary investigation committee led by MG (Res.) Amir Abulafia, to examine the circumstances of the first Tyre disaster:

IDF: Earlier today (Wednesday), Civil Administration officers and security forces arrived to dismantle an illegal settlement that had recently been constructed on Oz Zion Hill, in the area of Giv’at Asaf.

As the forces left the area, masked Israelis attacked a vehicle belonging to a Civil Administration officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, smashing the windows of his vehicle. Additionally, a Molotov cocktail was hurled toward a military vehicle.

The Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, addressed the incident, saying it is ” a severe, violent incident, that must be denounced and condemned. The law must be quickly and swiftly exacted upon the rioters who attacked the security forces as they attempted to carry out their mission”.

Attached are relevant photos:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel, some of the projectiles were intercepted, a number of launches fell in the area of Kiryat Shmona and the majority of the launches fell in open areas. No injuries were reported.

Israel Fire and Rescue Services are currently operating to extinguish a number of fires that were ignited due to the attack.

Following the attack, the IAF struck a Hezbollah launcher that was used to fire the barrages toward Israel over the past few hours as well as two additional launchers.

IDF: Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror targets in southern Lebanon, including a military structure in the area of Chihine and three terrorist infrastructure sites in the area of Blat.

In addition, IDF soldiers fired in order to remove a threat in the area of Chebaa in southern Lebanon.

IDF: IDF operational activity continues in Shejaiya, Rafah, and the central Gaza Strip

IDF operational activity continues below and above the ground in the area of Shejaiya. Over the past day, IDF troops destroyed tunnels routes in the area and eliminated dozens of terrorists in close-quarters combat, with tank fire, and in aerial strikes. In one incident, IDF troops eliminated seven terrorists at close quarters.

The IDF is continuing targeted, intelligence-based operational activity in the Rafah area. In one incident, a number of armed terrorists who were operating and posed a threat to IDF forces in the area were eliminated in an aircraft strike.

During IDF operational activity in the central Gaza Strip, a number of terrorists were eliminated and terrorist infrastructure was destroyed in aerial strikes.

Over the past day, the IAF eliminated dozens of terrorists and destroyed over 50 additional terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Attached are photos of IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel, numerous projectiles and suspicious aerial targets crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The IDF Aerial Defense Array and the IAF operated to intercept them and successfully intercepted several targets and projectiles. As a result of UAVs and shrapnel from the interceptions falling in the area, fires broke out in a number of areas in northern Israel. The Israel Fire and Rescue Services are currently operating to extinguish the fires.

Following the sirens that sounded in the area of Ilaniya regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration at 10:36, it was determined to be a false alarm.

The IDF is currently striking launch posts in southern Lebanon.

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded earlier today in northern Israel, approximately 200 projectiles and over 20 suspicious aerial targets were identified crossing from Lebanon into Israeli territory, a number of which were intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array and IAF fighter jets.

The IAF struck Hezbollah military structures in the areas of Ramyeh and Houla in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of interceptions:

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Earlier today, the IAF struck terrorists who operated from UNRWA schools in the area of Gaza City- the “Alqahirah” School in Al-Furqan, and the “Musa” School in Daraj Tuffah.

The schools were used as hideouts for terrorists and as an active operational infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization, from which its operatives planned, directed, and carried out numerous terror attacks against IDF troops operating in the Gaza Strip.

Prior to the strike, a number of steps were taken to mitigate harm to uninvolved civilians, including conducting aerial surveillance, using precise munition, and additional intelligence measures.

The Hamas terrorist organization systematically violated international law, exploiting civilian structures and populations as human shields for its terror attacks against the State of Israel.

IDF: Attached is an IDF announcement regarding the name of a fallen soldier whose family has been notified:

Additionally, attached is a link to the IDF website, where updates on fallen soldiers are published:

IDF: The Israeli and German Navies Signed a Two-Year Work Plan – Continuing the Strengthening of Cooperation

As the Israeli Navy continues operating in multiple arenas in the ‘Swords of Iron’ War, today (Thursday) a two year Joint Working Plan was signed by RADM Ulrich Reineke, Director of Plans and Policy on behalf of the German Navy, and RADM Guy Goldfarb, Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff on behalf of the Israeli Navy.

During the visit, RADM Ulrich Reineke received various operational briefings regarding the Israeli Navy’s activity throughout the current war, conducted a visit of the Israeli Naval MOC, and viewed an exhibition focusing on the horrors of the October 7th Massacre perpetrated by the Hamas terrorist organization.

There is longstanding cooperation between the two navies based on the mutual sharing of knowledge, joint naval training and exercises.

The newly signed Joint Working Plan will expand and further the cooperation as well as maintain regional stability.

Attached are related photos:

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