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IDF Updates – July 5th

Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

Over the last few hours, IDF soldiers directed by ISA intelligence conducted counterterrorism activity in the Jenin area.

After the IDF operational activity in the area of Jenin on June 27th, during which Captain Alon Sacgiu fell, the ISA and IDF conducted a precise intelligence effort to locate the terrorists responsible for the attack on IDF soldiers.
On July 3rd, the Israel Border Police eliminated the terrorist Nidal Amar, who also took part in the explosive device’s detonation.

During the counterterrorism activity, exchanges of fire with terrorists took place in the area. Simultaneously, the soldiers encircled a building in which additional terrorists barricaded themselves. IDF soldiers eliminated the terrorist Hemam Heshash and an additional terrorist operative, and located a pistol. Both of the terrorists participated in the attack on IDF soldiers during the operational activity in which Captain Alon Sacgiu, a Team Commander in the Haruv Reconnaissance Unit fell.

In addition, during the counterterrorism activity, an armed terrorist cell that was identified in the area was eliminated in an IAF aircraft strike.

Attached is a video of the identification of the armed terrorists who fired shots and their elimination:

IDF: Throughout the day, five projectiles that were identified crossing from Lebanon fell in the area of Zar’it and three fell in the area of Har Dov. In accordance with protocol, no sirens were sounded in the area.
The IDF struck the sources of the launches.

A short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck a surface-to-air missile launcher that was used to fire toward Israeli aircraft.

In addition, a Hezbollah terrorist was identified entering a military structure in the area of Markaba. Shortly after the identification, IAF fighter jets struck the structure.

Attached is a video of the identification and the strike on the terrorist:

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