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IDF Updates – July 8th

IDF: Overnight, the IAF struck a Hezbollah military site in the area of Jabal Tourah in Lebanese territory.

Simultaneously, the IAF also struck a Hezbollah weapons storage facility in the area of Qabrikha, a military structure in the area of Tallouseh, and Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure sites in the areas of Houla and Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon.

Furthermore, IDF artillery fired to remove a threat in a number of areas in southern Lebanon.

The IDF will continue to operate against the threat of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in order to defend the State of Israel.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Launchers aimed at Israeli territory struck in the Gaza Strip; IDF operations against terrorist infrastructure and operatives continue in the Gaza Strip

Over the past day, IDF troops and IAF aircraft operated to eliminate more than 30 terrorists who posed a threat to IDF troops in the area of Rafah. The troops also located additional tunnel shafts and confiscated weapons in the area.

In the areas of Khan Yunis and Gaza City, two ready-to-use launch sites aimed at Israeli territory were struck by the IDF.

In the area of Shejaiya, IDF troops dismantled terrorist infrastructure sites and eliminated dozens of terrorists during ground and aerial activity, including dozens of operatives who were part of anti-tank missiles and rocket units in the Hamas terrorist organization.

Overnight, the IAF struck numerous terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including infrastructure used by Hamas terrorists to plan and carry out attacks against IDF troops operating in the Gaza Strip, and a Hamas sniper who carried out attacks on IDF troops.

Attached is a video of IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Overnight, following intelligence indicating the presence of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure, operatives, weapons, and investigation and detention rooms in the area of Gaza City, including in the UNRWA headquarters, the IDF and ISA began a counterterrorism operation in the area.

IDF soldiers have operated in the area in the past in order to eliminate terrorists and destroy an underground tunnel route below the compound.

With the start of the operation, the IDF called on and warned civilians about the operational activity in the area, and a defined route will be opened to facilitate the evacuation of uninvolved civilians from the area.

The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations continue to systematically operate and carry out terrorist activity from inside civilian infrastructure. The IDF will continue to operate against the terrorist organizations in accordance with international law.

IDF: Hamas Command and Control Center in a Medical Clinic and a Weapons Warehouse in a School

Troops of the 7th Brigade Combat Team are operating in the Shejaiya area.

The troops raided and destroyed a combat compound and a command and control center of Hamas terrorists located in schools and a clinic that were converted from civilian use to terrorist purposes.
In this compound, terrorists from the Shejaiya Battalion fortified themselves, hid and carried out terrorist activity.

During the searches in the compound, soldiers of the Rotem Battalion located and destroyed a weapons production site and dozens of weapons including: mortars, machine guns, grenades and intelligence documents of the Hamas terrorist organization hidden alongside equipment and UNRWA uniforms.

Attached is footage of the activity of the troops in the Shejaiya area:

Attached is footage of the weapons found at the weapons production site:

Attached are photos of the weapons found by the Rotem Battalion soldiers:

Attached are related photos:

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