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IDF Updates – June 11th

IDF: Overnight, IAF fighter jets struck a military complex of the Hezbollah 4400 unit, the logistical reinforcement unit of the Hezbollah terrorist organization. The unit is used to smuggle weapons to and from Lebanon.
In the complex, two sites located in the area of Baalbek deep in Lebanon were struck.

In addition, terror targets in the area of Aitaroun in southern Lebanon were struck, including a military site and two Hezbollah military structures.

The strikes were conducted as a response to the downing of an IDF UAV that was operating in the skies of Lebanon yesterday (Monday).

Attached is a video of the strike in southern Lebanon:

IDF: Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on four fallen soldiers have been published:

Additionally, attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on soldiers who were injured have been published:

IDF: IDF troops are continuing to operate against terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Gaza Strip

IDF troops are continuing intelligence-based, targeted operations in the area of Rafah. Over the past day, the troops eliminated armed terrorist cells in close-quarters encounters and located intelligence materials in several targeted raids in the area.
An IAF aircraft eliminated a Hamas sniper who posed a threat to the troops in the area.

In addition, IDF troops continue to operate in the central Gaza Strip. During a strike conducted in the area, an IAF aircraft struck a terrorist cell that posed a threat to the troops in the field.

Over the past day, IAF fighter jets and additional aircraft struck and dismantled approximately 35 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including military structures, weapons storage facilities, launch sites, observation posts, terrorist cells, and additional military infrastructure.

Attached are photos of the IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel a short while ago, approximately 50 projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon into the area of the central Golan Heights. The IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a number of the projectiles. The rest of the launches fell in open areas. No injuries were reported.

IDF: The Commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), General (* * * *) Michael Erik Kurilla, arrived in Israel over the weekend as the official guest of the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi.

The commanders held an operational situational assessment, discussed recent regional challenges, and the strengthening of the strategic partnership in the region against the Iranian threat and Iran’s proxies in the region.
The developments on the northern border and the war in Gaza were also discussed.

Attached is a related photo:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration a short while ago, the IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted a UAV that crossed from Lebanon into the Upper Galilee area. Sirens regarding rocket and missile launches were activated in the area of Arab al-Aramshe in northern Israel due to the danger of falling shrapnel from the interceptor.

IDF: Operations of the 98th Division: Dismantling Terror Tunnels and Eliminating Operatives in the Central Gaza Strip; Operation ‘Arnon’ Hostage Rescue Mission

The 98th Division completed a divisional operation above and below ground in eastern Deir al-Balah and eastern Bureij. The soldiers located weapons, eliminated approximately 100 terrorists, and targeted more than 100 terrorist structures. The soldiers destroyed dozens of terrorist infrastructure sites and launch areas situated near communities in southern Israel.

In rapid, intelligence-based operations, the 7th Brigade, the Kfir Brigade and soldiers of the Yahalom Unit located several tunnel shafts. Yahalom soldiers scanned and destroyed the two tunnels, which were each one kilometer in length and contained rooms and weapons, and destroyed over two kilometers of the attack tunnels.

Soldiers of the 98th Division, including the Paratroopers Brigade, the Kfir Brigade, the 7th Brigade and Yahalom soldiers, carried out a variety of operations that contributed to the success of Operation ‘Arnon’. The Paratroopers Brigade carried out an operation to rescue the hostages, the Yamam and ISA forces from the vehicles, following the rescue of the hostages from Hamas in a bold operation.

The Commanding Officer of the 98th Division, BG Dan Goldfus gave a speech to the soldiers of the Givati ​​Reconnaissance Battalion and the Paratroopers Brigade after the operation: “Today, officers of the ‘Yamam’ (National Counter-Terrorism Unit), in cooperation with the operational unit of the ISA, rescued the four hostages alongside us.
There are still 120 hostages in Gaza, and we won’t stop until we bring them home, that’s what we’re committed to do. We’re also committed to destroying the enemy on the other side, and dismantling its underground infrastructure and infrastructure above the ground. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past eight months, and we’ll keep on doing it, pushing forward. If I could hug every one of you, I would, I am proud of you.”

Attached is a video of the speech by the Commanding Officer of the 98th Division to the Givati ​​Reconnaissance Battalion after the hostage rescue operation:

Attached is footage of the activity of the 98th Division in central Gaza Strip:

Attached is footage of the attack tunnels and their destruction:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded a short while ago in the area of the Galilee panhandle, approximately 15 projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon. Some of the projectiles were successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array and the rest fell in open areas. No injuries were reported.

A short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror targets, including a military structure and launch post in the area of Aitaroun, along with Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area of Meiss El Jabal.

Simultaneously, an IDF aircraft struck a Hezbollah terrorist launch cell in the area of Deir Aames in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes in the area of Aitaroun:

IDF: The IDF, with the direction of the ISA, eliminated four armed terrorists and located four guns that belonged to the terrorists in the area of Jenin

Over the past few hours, IDF soldiers, with the direction of ISA intelligence, conducted a counterterror activity in the area of Kafr Dan.

During the counterterror activity, the soldiers encircled a structure used by terrorists in the area. During exchanges of fire with the terrorists, the soldiers eliminated four terrorists and injured additional ones.
Simultaneously, an IAF helicopter struck the area of the structure used by the terrorists.

Additionally, the soldiers located in the area three ‘M-16’ rifles, a pistol, numerous cartridges that were used by the terrorists and a vehicle containing numerous explosives.

The confiscated weaponry was transferred to the security forces. No injuries were reported.

Attached are photos of the weaponry that was located in the area:

IDF: This morning (Tuesday), approximately 50 launches were fired by The Hezbollah terrorist organization from southern Lebanon and crossed into the central Golan Heights. As a result of Hezbollah’s barrage, fires were ignited in a civilian residential area adjacent to the location of the launcher.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization systematically embeds its terror infrastructure and assets in civilian areas, risking the safety of Lebanese civilians and cynically exploiting them as human shields.

Attached is a video of the fires that were ignited as a result of the barrage:

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