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IDF Updates – June 1st

IDF: The IDF eliminated significant Hamas terrorists over the past week

On Thursday, in a joint IDF and ISA operation directed by IDF and ISA intelligence, IAF fighter jets struck and eliminated the Hamas terrorist Mansur Aadel Mansur Kashalan, who was responsible for directing Hamas terror attacks in Israeli territory, especially in Judea and Samaria.
The terrorist Aadel Mansur carried out the attacks and directed them in coordination with other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip and abroad.

In another joint operation that took place this week, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated the terrorist Walid Abed Abu Dalal in the Central Camps area of the Gaza Strip. Abu Dalal was a Hamas military wing operative and also served as the head of the technology department in the Hamas Internal Security Forces.
The Hamas Internal Security Forces, and especially the technology department, comprise a significant part of Hamas’ counter-espionage and the ability to attack IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, yesterday, the IAF directed by precise aerial intelligence struck the terrorist Tareq Darwish, who was a significant operative in Hamas’ Aerial Array of the Nuseirat Battalion.
Darwish directed and carried out terror attacks against Israel. His elimination took place following Hamas Aerial Array’s terrorist activity over the past month, including including attempts to impede IDF aerial operations.

Attached is a video of the elimination of Tareq Darwish:

IDF: Earlier today, two projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon toward the area of Kiryat Shmona. No injuries were reported. Promptly after, an IAF aircraft struck the launcher from which the launches were fired.

In addition, this morning, two Hezbollah terrorists who were identified operating in the area of Majdal Selm were struck by an aircraft.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: A short while ago, a surface-to-air missile was fired toward an IAF UAV operating in Lebanese airspace. The UAV was hit and fell in Lebanese territory. The incident is under review.
The IAF will continue to operate in Lebanese airspace to fulfill the IDF’s missions.

IDF: IDF activity continues throughout the southern and central Gaza Strip

The IDF is continuing the precise, intelligence-based targeted operations in areas of Rafah. IDF troops have located numerous weapons in the area, including underground tunnel shafts, ready-to-fire rockets, explosive devices, AK-47 rifles, and other military equipment.

Troops are also continuing to operate in the central Gaza Strip, where they destroyed terrorist infrastructure that posed a threat to the forces in the area. The troops also located a weapons storage facility containing dozens of rocket parts.
In addition, a terrorist cell that fired RPGs toward the troops was eliminated in a joint effort of ground and aerial forces.

On Thursday, IAF aircraft struck a structure be…

IDF: IDF Multidimensional Unit Operations in the Central Gaza Strip

Over the past week, the Multidimensional Unit has been operating in the central Gaza Strip together with the 2nd and 679th Brigades under the command of the 99th Division. The soldiers located weapons and tunnel shafts in the Sabra area.

Over the past two days, the unit eliminated dozens of terrorists and dismantled a weapons storage facility in cooperation with IDF tanks, field observers and the Israeli Air Force. The troops are continuing to operate in the area of ​​the Central Gaza Strip Corridor.

During their operations in the Sabra area, the troops encountered terrorist cells that fired at them with light weaponry and an RPG missile. All the terrorists were eliminated.

Attached are photos of the activity of the Multidimensional Unit:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded a short while ago regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration in northern Israel, it was determined to be a false identification.

IDF: Intelligence-Based Targeted Operations of the Nahal Brigade in Rafah: Eliminating Terrorists Above and Below Ground, Identifying Booby-Trapped Buildings and Locating Rocket Launchers Aimed at Israel

The Nahal Brigade Combat Team, under the command of the 162nd Division, is continuing to operate against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in the Rafah area.

Over the past few days, the soldiers located large quantities of weapons, including a rocket launcher with six launchers aimed at Israeli territory, a weapons storage facility containing dozens of grenades, explosives, AK-47s, ammunition and vests. In addition, the troops used a drone to scan a suspect location, during which they identified several explosive barrels that were ready to be activated.

The soldiers are locating multiple tunnel shafts in the area, as well as encountering and eliminating terrorists in underground combat.

The Brigade’s Fire Control Center destroyed dozens of terrorist infrastructure sites, including positions from which anti-tank fire was carried out towards IDF troops, weapons storage facilities, sniper posts, as well as terrorist operatives who posed a threat to IDF troops.

Attached is footage of a house booby-trapped with explosive barrels:

Attached are photos of weapons found in the area:

Attached are photos from the activity of the troops:

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