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IDF Updates – June 20th

IDF: The IDF and ISA eliminated a leading Hamas sniper and Nukhba Forces Commander who participated in the October 7th Massacre

Based on IDF and ISA intelligence, an IAF aircraft conducted a precise and targeted strike to eliminate the Hamas terrorist Ahmed Hassan Salame Alsauarka in the area of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. Alsauarka was a squad commander in the Nukhba Forces who infiltrated into and carried out attacks on Israeli communities in southern Israel during the October 7th Massacre. Alsauarka led and directed sniper activity in the area of Beit Hanoun and took part in Hamas’ attacks on IDF troops.

Following an extensive search, Alsauarka was identified by IDF troops and eliminated in the area of Beit Hanoun. Prior to the strike, a number of steps were taken in order to mitigate harm to civilians during the operation. As a result, no civilians were injured during the strike.
IDF troops are continuing to operate in the area of the central Gaza Strip. Over the past day, a mortar shell launch post used to fire at IDF troops was struck by IDF aerial and artillery forces. In addition, two terrorists who posed a threat to IDF troops in the area were targeted using an Iron Sting precision missile.

Furthermore, IDF troops are continuing precise, intelligence-based, operational activity in the Rafah area. Over the past day, the troops eliminated several terrorists in close-quarters encounters. Additionally, the troops conducted targeted raids in specific areas, locating rocket launchers.

Attached is a video of the elimination of the terrorist Ahmed Hassan Salame Alsauarka:

IDF: Earlier today (Thursday), the terrorist Fadel Ibrahim was eliminated by an IAF aircraft in a precise strike in the area of Deir Kifa in southern Lebanon. Ibrahim was the commander of Hezbollah operations in the Jouaiyya area.

As part of his role, Ibrahim was responsible for planning and carrying out terror attacks against Israel and commanding Hezbollah ground forces in the area of Jouaiyya. Over the past few months, Ibrahim worked to further embed Hezbollah’s forces in southern Lebanon as part of efforts to improve the terrorist organization’s ground combat capabilities.

Simultaneously, a Hezbollah surface-to-air missile launcher that posed a threat to aircraft operating over Lebanon was struck by IAF fighter jets in the area of Rihan. The IAF will continue to operate in Lebanese airspace to fulfill the missions of the IDF and maintain the aerial operational freedom of the IDF.

IDF: Hamas’ Use of Civilian Residences in Rafah for Terrorism and Tunnels

The Nahal Brigade Combat Team continues to operate in the Rafah area in precise, intelligence-based targeted operations, led by the 162nd Division.

Over the past few weeks, the soldiers have been carrying out intelligence-based scans and raiding terrorist targets in the area. In one of the scans carried out by Nahal Reconnaissance Battalion, the soldiers located inside a civilian residence large quantities of weapons hidden in wardrobes, including: grenades, explosives, a launcher and anti-tank missiles, ammunition and arms. In another scan made using, a drone, a tunnel shaft was located under a child’s bed, and in another room the soldiers located a passage in the wall that Hamas te…

IDF: Attached is an IDF announcement regarding awarding the rank of Major General to BG Avi Bluth:

IDF: Earlier today, IDF fighter jets struck two Hezbollah weapons storage facilities in the areas of Houla and Tallouseh, alongside Hezbollah military structures and terrorist infrastructure in the areas of Meiss El Jabal, Aitaroun, and Yaroun in southern Lebanon.

Additionally, IDF artillery fired to remove threats in multiple areas in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

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