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IDF Updates – June 24th

IDF: Earlier today, an IDF soldier was severely wounded as a result of a UAV hit. The soldier was evacuated to receive medical treatment at the hospital. His family has been informed.

Following the sirens that sounded regarding rocket and missile launches in Ramot Naftali in northern Israel at 14:17, an interceptor was launched toward a suspicious aerial target that was later determined to be a false target.
Sirens regarding rocket and missile launches were activated in the area due to the danger of falling shrapnel from the interception.

IDF: A short while ago, two launches were identified crossing from Lebanese territory into the area of Metula. Damage was caused in the area.

IDF: The IDF Eliminated a Significant Terrorist Operative in Hamas’ Weapons Manufacturing Headquarters

Last night (Sunday), following IDF intelligence, IAF aircraft eliminated the terrorist Muhammad Salah, who was responsible for projects and development in Hamas’ Weapons Manufacturing Headquarters. Salah was part of a project to develop strategic weaponry for the Hamas terrorist organization, and he commanded a number of Hamas terrorist squads that worked on developing weapons.

IDF troops are continuing intelligence-based, targeted operations in the Rafah area. During targeted raids in the area, the troops located large amounts of weapons. In the area of Tel al-Sultan, launchers used to fire at IDF troops during the war were dismantled by IDF troops. In a…

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in communities near the Gaza Strip, one projectile that was fired from the area of Rafah was successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array. No injuries were reported.

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded a short while ago in Kerem Shalom, a community near the Gaza Strip, it was determined to be a false identification.

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