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IDF Updates – June 27th

IDF: Attached is an IDF announcement regarding the name of a fallen soldier whose family has been notified:

Additionally, attached is a link to the IDF website, where updates on fallen soldiers are published:

Moreover, during the incident in which Captain Alon Sacgiu fell, a soldier from the Haruv Reconnaissance Unit of the Kfir Brigade was severely injured.

The soldier was evacuated to receive medical treatment at a hospital. His family has been notified.

IDF: Footage of Exercises in the Northern Command Conducted to Increase Troop Readiness

As part of ongoing efforts by the Northern Command to increase troop readiness, the Golani Brigade conducted exercises over the last week in complex areas and practiced responding to various threats in cooperation with infantry, armor and artillery forces.

In an exercise of the 55th Brigade led by the Ground Forces Training Center, the troops trained for combat scenarios in various areas, with an emphasis on movement in dense, mountainous terrain in the northern arena, and the gradual activation of fire.

Attached is footage from the series of exercises:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: Earlier today (Thursday), two UAVs that were identified crossing from Lebanon fell in the area of Rosh Hanikra, no injuries were reported.

Also earlier today, a terrorist operative in Hezbollah’s Aerial Array who launched UAVs toward Israel was eliminated in an aerial strike in the area of Sohmor.

In addition, IAF fighter jets struck Hezbollah military structures in the areas of Aitaroun and Houla in Lebanon. Simultaneously, IAF artillery struck adjacent to Naqoura and in the area of Wadi Hamoul.

Last night (Wednesday), terrorist infrastructure sites in the areas of Odaisseh and Khiam were struck.

Attached is a video of the elimination:

Joint IDF and COGAT Announcement:

Via the Kerem Shalom Crossing: Facilitating the Passage of Patients from the Gaza Strip for Medical Treatment in Egypt and Abroad was Completed

Today (Thursday), as part of efforts to alleviate and strengthen the healthcare system and the medical response to the civilian population in Gaza, the facilitation of the passage of 68 sick and injured children together with companions from the Gaza Strip was carried out in coordination with officials of the U.S. government, Egypt and the international community. The facilitated passage was carried out via the Kerem Shalom Crossing of the Ministry of Defense’s Land Crossing Authority to Egypt, for the children to travel for further medical treatment in Egypt and abroad.

This activity is part of the many efforts carried out since the beginning of the war, in accordance with the Security Cabinet’s policy and in cooperation with UN agencies, foreign countries and international organizations, to enable and alleviate the operation of medical facilities on a sufficient scale in the Gaza Strip. These efforts include the entry of medical equipment in large quantities, with the aim of enabling and assist the establishment of additional field hospitals.

The IDF, via the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), will continue to act in order to provide a humanitarian response to the residents of the Gaza Strip spanning all fields, and especially the medical field and is committed to continue carrying out efforts in cooperation with the international community to promote the existence of mechanisms that will allow patients to receive continued treatment outside the Gaza Strip in third countries.

Attached are related photos:

A Message from Shalom