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IDF Updates – March 15th

IDF: The IDF struck terrorist infrastructure in response to launches toward Israeli territory; IDF activity in the Gaza Strip continues

In retaliation to the launches that were carried out yesterday toward the communities near the Gaza Strip, the IDF conducted aerial and artillery strikes toward terrorist infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip.

IDF troops also continue to operate in the area of Khan Yunis. Over the past day, the troops coordinated with the IAF to kill terrorists and locate weaponry. Several terrorists were eliminated by tank fire as well as precise sniper fire. The troops also destroyed terrorist infrastructure where Hamas operatives hid.

In another incident, the troops identified several armed terror operatives loading explosive materials onto a vehicle. An aircraft stuck and eliminated the cell. Additional terrorists were later identified attempting to plant explosive devices in the area, and an aircraft eliminated them before they were able to do so.
Moreover, IDF troops continue to operate in the central Gaza Strip and killed approximately 10 terrorists there over the past day. In one incident, IDF soldiers identified a terrorist cell near them. The troops fired shells toward them and eliminated the cell, as well as another terrorist operative that was identified a few minutes later.
In a separate incident in the area, an additional terrorist cell was eliminated in close-quarters combat.

Attached is video footage of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF troops’ operational activity in the Gaza Strip:
<hr>IDF: On Thursday, 14 March 2024, the IDF facilitated the passage of a convoy of 31 humanitarian aid trucks containing food and supplies intended for distribution to civilians in the northern Gaza Strip.

Approximately one hour before the arrival of the convoy to the humanitarian corridor, armed Palestinians opened fire while Gazan civilians were awaiting the arrival of the aid convoy. As aid trucks were entering, the Palestinian gunmen continued to shoot as the crowd of Gazans began looting the trucks. Additionally, a number of Gazan civilians were run over by the trucks.

An intensive preliminary review conducted overnight by the IDF found that the IDF did not open fire at the at the aid convoy in Kuwait Square. A review of our operational systems and IDF forces on the ground found that no tank fire, air-strike or gunfire was carried out toward the Gazan civilians at the aid convoy.

The IDF is continuing to review the incident.

While the IDF continues its humanitarian effort to supply food and humanitarian aid to the civilians of the Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorists continue to harm Gazan civilians who are seeking food – and Hamas is blaming Israel for it.

As a result, on the first Friday of the month of Ramadan, a smear campaign was created with the aim of spreading baseless misinformation for the sake of instigating violence in other arenas.
<hr>IDF: Sirens sounded in Margaliot, northern Israel.
<hr>IDF: A terror tunnel under a pepper field: The 7th Brigade combat team destroyed a terror tunnel and combat compounds in the Hamad area in Khan Yunis

The soldiers of the 7th Armored Brigade combat team are operating in the west of Khan Yunis in the Hamad area, eliminating terrorists, locating and destroying tunnel shafts and enemy compounds.

During searches in an agricultural pepper field, the forces located an offensive underground terror tunnel approximately 200 meters long, which was used by the Hamas terrorist organization near the Hamad area, weapons were located in the tunnel. Engineering forces in the combat team led the investigation and destruction of the tunnel.

The forces located additional weapons in the area, including grenades, RPG missiles, explosives, rocket launchers, vests and cameras.

Attached is footage from the activity of the 7th Brigade combat team:

Attached is aerial footage of the tunnel route located under the pepper field:

Attached is a photograph of the tunnel shaft:

Attached are additional photos:
<hr>IDF: Sirens sounded in Shtula, northern Israel.
<hr>IDF: Over the past few hours, a number of launches were identified from Lebanon toward the areas of Shtula, Har Dov, and Zar’it in northern Israel.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military site in the area of Houla, as well as an observation post belonging to the terrorist organization in the area of Marwahin. Furthermore, IDF artillery struck in the area of Wadi Hamoul in order to remove an imminent threat.

Additionally, earlier today, Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the areas of Kfarkela and Labbouneh were struck.

Attached is video footage of the strikes:

IDF: Earlier today (Friday), a launch from northern Gaza toward the city of Sderot was identified and successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array.
A few minutes after the identification, the IDF and IAF carried out a joint aircraft and artillery strike on the launcher, which was located in the northern Gaza Strip. The launcher was destroyed as a result of the strike.

Attached is video footage of the strike on the launcher:

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