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IDF Updates – March 18th

IDF: The Chief of the General Staff: “We are focused with a goal to bring the security that the citizens of Israel deserve; This is a task that will continue for a long time, and I, as the commander of the army, am responsible for it”

Referring to the month of Ramadan: “We are more alert, stronger and are prepared – everywhere, all the time, non-stop. We operate first and foremost to maintain security”

Attached is the statement of the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi:

Attached is the full statement of the Chief of the General Staff:

IDF: Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on one fallen soldier have been published:

IDF: Sirens sounded in Kibbutz Mefalsim, a community near the Gaza Strip.

IDF: IDF troops are currently conducting a precise operation in the area of the Shifa hospital. The operation is based on intelligence information indicating the use of the hospital by senior Hamas terrorists to conduct and promote terrorist activity.

Prior to the operation, IDF troops were instructed on the importance of operating cautiously, as well as on the measures to be taken to avoid harm to the patients, civilians, medical staff, and medical equipment. In addition, Arabic speakers have been brought to the area in order to facilitate dialogue with the patients remaining in the hospital. There is no obligation for the patients and medical staff to evacuate.

Furthermore, IDF troops will continue the humanitarian efforts in the area, both throughout and following the conclusion of the operation, providing food, water, and medical supplies to the patients and civilians in the hospital’s compound.

The IDF will continue to act in accordance with international law and against the Hamas terrorist organization – which operates from hospitals and civilian infrastructure in a systematic and cynical way, without the distinction between the civilian population and the organization’s terrorists.

Attached is a sync on the topic:

IDF: Recording of a conversation between the Head of the Coordination and Liasion Administration (CLA) and the Director of the Gaza Ministry of Health

“We see that the Hamas terrorist organization is continuing its military activity inside hospitals. We are willing to provide any humanitarian aid needed. Our request is simple: an immediate end to all of the terrorist activity in the hospitals.”

Over the past few days, the Head of the Coordination and Liasion Administration (CLA) for Gaza spoke with the Director of the Gaza Ministry of Health about the Hamas terrorist organization’s activities within the Shifa hospital, and the necessity to thwart them, in full coordination with the hospital’s administration.

Attached is the recording of the conversation:

Joint IDF and ISA announcement:

The IDF and ISA are operating to thwart terrorist activity in the Shifa hospital

Following intelligence indicating the presence of terrorists in the area of the Shifa hospital, and their use of the hospital’s infrastructute to conduct terrorist activity, the IDF and ISA are currently conducting a precise operation to thwart terrorist activity and apprehend terrorists in the Shifa hospital compound.

During the activity, terrorists opened fire at the troops from within the hospital. The troops responded with live fire and hits were identified. Our troops are continuing to operate in the area of the hospital.

IDF: Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military structure and an observation post in the area of Ramyeh.

Yesterday (Sunday), additional Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure was struck in the area of Naqoura.

Attached is video footage of the strikes:

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