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IDF Updates – May 22nd

IDF: A significant Hamas anti-tank missile operative who took part in the October 7th Massacre eliminated in a joint IDF and ISA operation

Following precise intelligence, the IAF struck and eliminated the Hamas terrorist Ahmed Yasser Alkara in Khan Yunis. Ahmed Yasser Alkara took part in the October 7th Massacre in communities in southern Israel and was a significant anti-tank missile operative who carried out attacks on IDF troops during the war.

During the preparations for the operation, the IDF aborted the strike after a child was identified nearby the terrorist Ahmed Yasser Alkara. After waiting until the child was no longer in the vicinity of the terrorist, the IAF eliminated Alkara, alongside two additional terrorist operatives: Saib Raed Abu Riba, a Hamas Nukhba terrorist, and Ans Muhammad Abu Ragila, an Islamic Jihad terrorist.

In another operation, IAF fighter jets directed by intelligence eliminated five Hamas terrorists operating from inside the Faami Aljerjawi School in Daraj Tuffah in the northern Gaza Strip. Among the terrorists that were eliminated were Fadi Salim, Head of Propaganda in Hamas’ Gaza Brigade, as well as three Hamas intelligence operatives and an additional Nukhba terrorist.

This is further evidence of Hamas’ systematic exploitation of civilian infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and residential buildings, for its terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip.

Attached is a video of the elimination of Ahmed Yasser Alkara:

IDF: A New Iron Dome Battalion in the IDF Aerial Defense Array

On Monday, the new 139th Battalion of the IDF Aerial Defense Array was inaugurated in a ceremony led by the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar, the Commanding Officer of the Aerial Defense Array, Brig. Gen. Gilad Biran, the Commander of the 139th Battalion, past and present commanders of the Aerial Defense Array, IDF commanders and soldiers of the battalion.

The battalion was reopened after previously operating the ‘Hawk’ and ‘Patriot’ aerial defense systems before closing down in 2021 after approximately 53 years of action. During the war, and due to operational necessity, it was decided to reopen the battalion, and it will now operate the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System.

As part of conclusions made during the war, the operational necessity arose to divide the command areas in a way that would allow for tailored combat management for the different operational areas. The establishment of the battalion will enable the expansion of the Iron Dome batteries’ deployment and improve the defensive array.

From the remarks of the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar: “For over seven months, the soldiers of the Aerial Defense Array have been engaged in a multi-front defensive war that is unprecedented in scope. Israel is one of just a few countries in the world that possesses such sophisticated and expansive air defense systems, operated by such high-quality people. Alongside the strong defense, we are operating offensively, denying Hezbollah its capabilities, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Northern Command. Together, we will know how to expand and intensify the offensive if required. It will be an offensive with massive firepower, which will remove threats and allow for a change in the security reality in the north. We have trained for this. The force is prepared for this.”

From the remarks of the Commanding Officer of the Aerial Defense Array, Brig. Gen. Gilad Biran: “The establishment of the battalion is part of a significant process of transformation and build-up, led by the Israeli Air Force, during the war, aimed at strengthening the air defense of our home – the individual home of each and every one of those standing here before me, and the national home of the Jewish people in Israel. Even at this hour, the command’s personnel, across the length and breadth of the country, are standing firm and alert to defend the nation’s skies from any enemy threatening its sovereignty and to protect those who look up to us, in whose name and on whose behalf we act. We will continue to stand guard, as long as required, until all missions are completed.”

From the words of Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Tom Ironi: “Although the battalion’s new path officially begins today, even during the period of inception, in the midst of the war, we took a significant and historic part in the operation. The battalion’s personnel received new weapon systems, deployed them on the front lines, intercepted enemy aerial threats, and demonstrated fighting spirit, initiative, and professionalism, as expected and customary from the soldiers of the 139th Battalion. It is our destiny to build our spirit, to equip ourselves, while fulfilling the mission, protecting the people, defending our home, and achieving victory, which will surely come.”

Attached are relevant photos:

Attached is a video of the speech of the Commanding Officer of the Israel Air Force, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar:

IDF: Hamas Military Compound Located Inside an UNRWA School used by Terrorist Operatives Targeted in a Precise Aerial Strike

Following IDF and ISA intelligence, the IAF carried out a precise strike on a compound located inside an UNRWA school where Hamas terrorists – including an anti-tank missile operative and a Nukhba terrorist – were operating. The compound that was struck also contained weapons, including mortars and explosives, as evidenced by the numerous secondary explosions after the strike. The strike was carefully planned and carried out using precise munitions to mitigate any harm to civilians in the area.

Attached is an infographic showing the location of the compound where the Hamas terrorists were located:…

IDF: Loaded Rocket Launchers Situated in Rafah Next to the Border and Aimed at Israel were Located and Destroyed

IDF troops are continuing to operate in the area of Rafah against terror targets. A few hours ago, IDF soldiers located and destroyed multi-barrel rocket launchers that were ready to fire toward Israeli territory. The launch sites were located in eastern Rafah along the Philadelphi Corridor.

Attached is a video of the launch sites that were located:

IDF: Operations Against Terror Targets by the 7th Brigade Combat Team in Jabaliya

The soldiers of the 7th Brigade Combat Team are fighting in the Jabaliya area. So far, the soldiers have dismantled a multitude of terrorist infrastructure and conducted aerial and artillery strikes on terror targets in the area.

The soldiers carried out targeted raids on dozens of Hamas military compounds. As part of the effort to destroy Hamas’ rocket and mortar capabilities, the soldiers located and destroyed a number of ready-to-use launchers and dozens of rockets. In addition, during scans in the area, the soldiers located weapons, including explosive belts, ready-to-use explosives, grenades and ammunition.

Attached is a photo of a rocket launchers found in Jabaliya:

Attached is footage of the weapons found by the Rotem Battalion Combat Team:

Attached are related photos:

Attached is footage of the activity of the 7th Brigade Combat Team:

IDF: Following the sirens that sounded in the area of Ghajar in northern Israel a short while ago, it was determined to be a false alarm.

IDF: Earlier today (Thursday), IDF soldiers identified terrorists entering a military structure in the area of Meiss El Jabal. Shortly after the identification, IAF fighter jets struck the structure in which the terrorists were operating.

In addition, a short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck Hezbollah military structures in the area of Ayta ash Shab and observation posts in Aalma El Chaeb in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: IDF troops operating in the area of Jabaliya eliminated numerous terrorists in close-quarters combat; Numerous terrorists were eliminated and rocket launchers were located in Rafah

Over the past day, IDF troops operating in the area of Jabaliya in northern Gaza eliminated numerous terrorists in close-quarters combat and aerial strikes. 
During one of the operations, IDF troops directed an IAF aircraft that eliminated eight Hamas terrorists who were operating from within a weapons storage facility. The terrorists eliminated rocket and drone operatives, as well as spotters.

IDF troops are continuing operational activity in specific areas of Rafah. The troops are currently operating based on information regarding terror targets in the areas of ‘Brazil’ and ‘Shaboura’, while making every effort to prevent harm to civilians and after the civilian population in the area was evacuated. The activity began with a preliminary series of aerial strikes against Hamas terror targets in Rafah.

Additionally, IDF troops eliminated a number of terrorists in the central Gaza Strip in encounters over the past day. 

Over the past day, the IAF struck approximately 130 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including terrorist cells, military structures, observation posts, and additional terrorist infrastructure. 

Attached is a video of the IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF troops in the area of Rafah:

IDF: The Chief of the General Staff visits Reservists Exercise in the North

Today (Wednesday), the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, visited the 551st reserve Brigade exercise for readiness in the northern arena, with the participation of the Commanding Officer of the Northern Command, MG Ori Gordin, the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Ground Forces, MG Tamir Yadai, the Commander of the Ground Forces Training Center (“Mali”), BG Kobi Heller, Commander Officer of the 551st Brigade, COL Ido Kass and other commanders.

Attached is a video of the remarks of the Chief of the General Staff:

Attached is related footage:

Attached are related photos:


IDF: Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on three fallen soldiers have been published:

IDF: Following the siren that sounded regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration in the area of Eilat in southern Israel, it was determined to be a false alarm.

IDF: This evening (Wednesday), an explosive UAV crossed from Lebanon into northern Israel and fell in the area of Beit Hillel. No injuries or damage were reported.

A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck two Hezbollah launchers and terror infrastructure in the areas of Marwahin, Ayta ash Shab, and Rab El Thalathine in southern Lebanon.

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