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IDF Updates – May 29th

IDF: Chief of the General Staff in Rafah: “Completely dismantling Hamas is a national mission of the State of Israel.”

Today (Wednesday), the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, conducted a situational assessment and tour of the Rafah area in the Gaza Strip with the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman, the Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division, BG Itzik Cohen and other commanders.

Attached is a video of the remarks of the Chief of the General Staff:

Attached is a related video:

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The full remarks of the Chief of the General Staff: “Look, we are here for several reasons. First, this is the last brigade that remains with full capabilities, and therefore we want to dismantle the Rafah Brigade.
But we will deepen the achievement, and we will bring Hamas to very low points. This requires a lot of professionalism, a lot of determination, a lot of values, knowing that completely dismantling Hamas is a national mission of the State of Israel.
I am very, very impressed, leaving here with the feeling that there is very professional work being done, very high quality work. There is learning here, which is very, very important. You are advancing, there are very great achievements.”

IDF: 1.5-Kilometer Long Tunnel Route in Eastern Rafah Containing Dozens of Anti-Tank Missiles and Weapons Located and Destroyed by the IDF

In the past few weeks, the 401st Brigade Combat Team, in cooperation with the Yahalom Unit and Unit 504, have been operating under Division 162 in eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip to locate terrorist infrastructure and tunnel routes. So far, during the soldiers’ operations, many terrorists have been eliminated, and dozens of Hamas terrorist infrastructure sites have been destroyed.

Following intelligence, the soldiers reached a tunnel shaft located 100 meters from the Rafah Crossing. The tunnel shaft led to an underground tunnel route used by the Hamas terrorist organization to carry out attacks and operations against IDF troops. The tunnel branches into several different routes and at various depths. The entire route is 1.5 kilometers long and contained several blast doors. During the operation, large quantities of weapons, including short-range anti-tank missiles, AK-47s, explosives and grenades were found inside. The route included a hideout, toilets, and additional rooms. All the routes and compounds were destroyed.

Attached is an animated infographic illustrating the main tunnel route located in eastern Rafah:

Attached is footage of rocket launchers that were found by the 401st Brigade Combat Team on the Philadelphi Corridor:

Attached is a video of the Commanding Officer of the 401st Brigade, COL Benny Aharon:

Attached is footage of the 401st Brigade Combat Team during the operation:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: This evening (Wednesday), IAF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area of Khiam in southern Lebanon.

In addition, IDF artillery fired to remove a threat in the areas of Hamoul, Kfarkela, and Naqoura in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strike:

IDF: Initial report – a report was received regarding a ramming attack adjacent to the area of Nablus. Details to follow.

IDF: Following the initial report, IDF soldiers are pursuing the terrorist who carried out a ramming attack at one of the entrances to Nablus and fled the scene.

IDF: IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

”So far, our troops have located about 20 tunnels in the Philadelphi Corridor area. We are investigating these tunnels and neutralizing them.”

Please find attached the translation of a briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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