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IDF Updates – May 31st

IDF: Throughout the night, IDF fighter jets struck four Hezbollah military compounds in the areas of Aitaroun and Markaba in southern Lebanon.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: IDF troops continue operational activities throughout the Gaza Strip, including the areas of Rafah and eastern Jabaliya

IDF troops continue intelligence-based operational activities in the area of Rafah. During the activities, IDF troops located numerous weapons, including long-range rockets, RPGs, explosive devices, vests, ammunition, and additional military equipment. Additionally, IDF troops in central Rafah located Hamas rocket launchers, terror tunnel shafts, and weapons. The troops also dismantled a Hamas weapons storage facility in the area.

Based on the direction of IDF troops, IAF aircraft targeted and eliminated a Hamas Nukhba terrorist who operated in the area of Rafah.

Moreover, over the past few days, IDF troops dismantled hundreds of meters of terror tunnel routes in the area of eastern Jabaliya. The troops also eliminated terrorists during short-quarters encounters and using tank fire. Furthermore, IDF troops directed an IAF aircraft that struck several Hamas terrorists who operated in the area.

In addition, IDF troops continue operational activities in central Gaza. The troops directed IAF aircraft that targeted and eliminated several terrorists who operated near them.

Over the past day, IAF fighter jets and additional aircraft struck numerous terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage facilities, armed terrorist cells, terror infrastructure, and military compounds.

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF activities in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: Rescuing 7 bodies of hostages, hundreds of terrorists eliminated and 10 kilometers of a subterranean tunnel network destroyed; The troops of the 98th Division completed their mission in eastern Jabaliya and began preparation for continued operations in the Gaza Strip

The combat teams of the 7th, 460th and Paratroopers Brigades under the 98th Division operated in eastern Jabaliya above ground and underground, in an urban, dense area rigged with explosives. The Hamas terrorist organization turned the civilian area into a fortified combat compound, fired towards the troops from sheltered areas and schools, and built an underground terrorist network from within civilian buildings.

Above ground, the troops eliminated hundreds of terrorists in intense combat and close-quarters encounters and destroyed dozens of terrorist infrastructure and combat compounds. The troops located hundreds of weapons, including firearms, explosives, grenades, ammunition and more. In addition, a number of significant weapons production sites were located and destroyed. As part of dismantling the capabilities of the Hamas terrorist organization, the soldiers raided a large number of rocket launching compounds, and destroyed launchers ready for use.

Underground, the troops located, investigated and destroyed with the cooperation of the soldiers of the Yahalom Unit, more than ten kilometers of an underground tunnel network. The soldiers neutralized explosives in the tunnels and located within them weapons and intelligence information about the Hamas terrorist organization. As part of the underground operation, the Commander of the Beit Hanoun Battalion and other terrorists who were with him were eliminated.
In thorough operations above and below ground, the troops of the division rescued seven bodies of hostages – Shani Louk, Amit Buskila, Ron Benjamin, Yitzchak Gelernter, Hanan Yablonka, Michel Nisenbaum, and Orion Hernandez – and returned them for burial in Israel.

In the fire effort, directed by the 98th Division Fire Control Center, more than 200 aerial strikes were carried out in close proximity to the operating troops, during which dozens of terrorists were eliminated, most of them at the command level in Hamas and dozens of terrorist infrastructure and weapon warehouses were destroyed.

The troops of the 98th Division have completed their mission in eastern Jabaliya and remain combat ready, and are preparing to continue operations in the Gaza Strip.

Attached is footage from the operations of the combat teams in the 98th Division:

Attached is footage from the tunnels investigated by the soldiers of the Yahalom Unit in Jabaliya:

Attached is footage of the location of a tunnel shaft in a school by soldiers of the 6828th Battalion:

Attached are photos from the underground operations of the troops and the rescue of the seven bodies of the hostages:

Attached are photos of weapons found by the troops:

Attached are photos from the operations of the combat teams:

IDF: Joint Exercise of the Israeli Air Force and the Hellenic Airforce: Refueling Fighter Jets in Greek Skies

Today (Tuesday), the Israeli Air Force and the Hellenic Air Force conducted a joint exercise in Greek skies. As part of the exercise, Boeing 707 refueling aircraft of the 120th Squadron (the Israeli Air Force refueling squadron) participated in the flights and refueled dozens of airborne Hellenic Air Force fighter jets. This exercise was held in the framework of a planned training program and as part of the regional cooperation between the two countries.

The Israeli Air Force’s refueling exercise with Greece occurs several times a year on a regular basis. The training simulates an operational flight and long-range refueling of fighter jets, as for …

IDF: Intelligence-Based Targeted-Raids From the Outskirts of Central Rafah: Precise and Targeted Operation Against Hamas in Rafah Gradually Evolves

The IDF is continuing its precise and targeted operations in Rafah, according to plan.

The operation continues to gradually evolve, with forces focusing on uprooting Hamas terror infrastructure on the Philadelphi route as well as special forces that are conducted intelligence-based targeted-raids from the outskirts of Central Rafah.

The forces have exposed an extensive Hamas subterranean tunnel network consisting of dozens of terror tunnels; dozens of rockets launchers; and dozens of RPGs, AK-47s and eliminated hundreds of terrorists along the Philadelphi route and the outskirts of the Urban areas of Rafah.

The IDF continues to implement lessons learned and adjust its operations to minimize civilian casualties and maintain focused and low-intensity operations, in accordance with international law and in accordance with dialogue conducted with our partners prior to the operation in Rafah.

Since the beginning of operations in the Rafah area, operational activity along the Philadelphi Corridor has been led by the 401st Brigade Combat Team under the command of the 162nd Division. During these operations, the soldiers have located, investigated and destroyed numerous tunnel shafts and underground infrastructure in the area.

The intelligence-based engineering operations to combat the threat of underground infrastructure in the area have continued over several weeks, in which the troops located dozens of tunnel shafts and destroyed a number of significant routes, some of which are still under investigation. During these operations, the soldiers encountered enemy forces underground and eliminated them.

Another focus of operations in the area is the location of long-range rocket launchers. During scans, the troops located five launchers which were loaded and ready to fire with multiple rockets toward Israeli territory. All the launchers that were located have been dismantled.

In parallel with ongoing efforts to facilitate the passage of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip for civilians, IDF troops are currently continuing to operate against terror targets and infrastructure while advancing along the Philadelphi Corridor.

Attached is an animated infographic of the tunnel shafts and launchers located along the Philadelphi Corridor by the 401st Brigade Combat Team:

Attached is footage from locating launchers near the Philadelphi Corridor:

Attached are photos of the launchers located:

Attached is a video announcement of the commander of the 601st Battalion, LTC Shimon:

Attached are related photos:

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