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IDF Updates – November 22nd

IDF: IDF troops continue to operate in the Gaza Strip to kill terrorists, destroy terrorist infrastructure, and locate weapons stored inside civilian buildings

The IDF is continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip, including striking terrorist infrastructure, killing terrorists, and locating weapons. In the past day, IDF troops directed aircraft to strike terrorist infrastructure from which fire was carried out at the forces. A number of terrorists were killed in the strike.

IDF ground troops also conducted targeted raids in Sheikh Za’id in northwest Jabalya. During the targeted raids, Hamas spotters were identified in the area and killed.

Furthermore, over the past few days, IDF troops conducted targeted raids in the area of Beit Hanoun. During the operation, the troops located numerous weapons, AK-47 rifles, axes, and ammunition stored inside a civilian residence. IDF troops also engaged in combat and eliminated a number of terrorist cells.

This morning, IDF troops neutralized a terror tunnel shaft from which a Hamas terrorist exited and fired at the soldiers. Moreover, IDF troops identified terrorists and located weapons in a structure used by the Hamas terrorist organization. The troops killed the terrorists and destroyed the structure.

In addition, over the past day, as part of the assistance to ground troops, Israeli Navy forces struck several Hamas military targets, including a structure from which sniper fire was carried out against the troops, as well as several military posts located along the coastline.

Attached is a video of the IDF troops in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

IDF: A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a number of Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon.

Among the targets struck were terrorist infrastructure and a military site in which Hezbollah terrorists operated.

Attached is video footage of the strikes:

IDF: Footage of Yahalom Unit: approx. 400 terror tunnel shafts have been identified and destroyed in the Gaza Strip

IDF soldiers continue to fight in the Gaza Strip. Until now, IDF soldiers have exposed and destroyed approximately 400 terror tunnel shafts.

The Yahalom special forces unit of the Combat Engineering Corps has played a significant role in uncovering and destroying these shafts using various methods.

Hamas has embedded its network of terrorist tunnels below population centers across the Gaza Strip. Many of the shafts leading to its tunnel network are located within civilian hospitals, schools and homes.

Attached is footage of the operations of the Yahalom Unit in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos from the discovery of terrorist tunnel shafts by the soldiers of the 252nd Brigade:

IDF: For the second time over the last day, IDF fighter jets struck terrorist infrastructure and a military site belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon.

In addition, IDF aircraft together with artillery struck a Hezbollah terrorist cell that fired from Lebanese territory toward the area near Hanita in northern Israel.

Furthermore, earlier today, shots were fired from a military site in Lebanon toward the area of Mattat where IDF soldiers were operating. In response, the military site was struck.

Moreover, following the reports regarding sirens sounded in northern Israel, a number of launches from Lebanon toward Israel were identified. The IDF struck the sources of the launches in response.

IDF soldiers inside the terror tunnel complex at the Shifa Hospital: the IDF exposes the terror tunnel routes, dozens of meters of a tunnel system which also passes under the Qatari Building in the hospital complex, as well as rooms where Hamas terrorists can operate and stay for extended periods

IDF and ISA special forces, including the Shaldag, Oketz and Yahalom Units, as well as special forces under the command of the 7th Brigade, are continuing to expose the tunnel complex. They also revealed that the terror tunnel extends from under the hospital building and reaches the Qatari Building within the hospital complex.

Behind the breached blast door, soldiers discovered an air-conditioned hideout room and a bathroom. The soldiers of the 7th Brigade also located two additional tunnel shafts near the hospital: one on a nearby street and the other in a nearby house.

The findings unequivocally display Hamas’ deliberate method of operating underneath hospitals. The terrorist organization also exploits the hospital buildings, using them to store weapons in and as terrorist headquarters.

Orientation by the IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari, on the Hamas tunnel methodology in the Shifa Hospital complex:

Drone footage from inside the tunnel under the hospital:

The IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari inside the tunnel complex under the hospital:

The IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari in a house near the hospital complex:

IDF: A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror infrastructure in Lebanese territory.

Additionally, IDF troops and aircraft struck a terror cell that attempted to launch rockets into Israeli territory, and a terror cell that fired at IDF troops.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

IDF: Please find attached the translated evening briefing, along with the briefing in English of the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

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