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IDF Updates – November 28th

IDF: Over the last hour, three explosive devices were detonated adjacent to IDF troops in two different locations in the northern Gaza Strip, violating the framework of the operational pause. In one of the locations, terrorists also opened fire at the troops, who responded with fire.
A number of soldiers were lightly injured during the incidents.
In both incidents, the troops were located in positions as per the framework of the operational pause.

IDF: Statement by the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi: “The IDF is prepared to continue fighting”

The full translated statement:
Seventy-six (76) hostages have been returned home so far. Children, women, civilians and soldiers, who were taken by a murderous and merciless terrorist organization, and not all have yet returned. Each one who is released brings great relief, but there is no ounce of relief in the fact that more remain. We will operate to bring them all back.

The return of the hostages is a bright light for us all. It is also further evidence of the results of significant military pressure and resolute ground operations, which created the conditions for the return of our civilians home.

The IDF is prepared to continue fighting. We are using the days of the pause as part of the framework to learn, strengthen our readiness and approve future operational plans.

In recent days, I met with commanders and soldiers who have been in the Gaza Strip, after fighting courageously and resolutely there. I told them – “You have achieved many successes, thanks to you hostages are returning home, and many challenges still lie ahead.”

They replied to me: “We want to fight until we return home all the hostages.” This is how we operate! We are preparing for the continuation of the operation to dismantle Hamas. It will take time, these are complex goals, but they are justified beyond measure.

We are here in northern Israel, and from here I want to address the residents of the north who have been evacuated from their homes for some time – I know how difficult, uncomfortable and filled with great uncertainty the situation is.

This morning, I met with the heads of the northern municipal authorities and witnessed their leadership during this complex period. We will ensure that the residents of the north return to a different, better and more stable security reality.

The IDF’s ground operations in Gaza City, a dense and complex area, aim to achieve a worthy and necessary goal. We know, if required, how to apply the same strength in the north, in order to return you safely to your communities, cities and this beautiful and important region of the country.

I have met with our precious reserve soldiers in the north, south, center and inside the Gaza Strip. Nearly eight weeks have passed since they left their lives and came to defend their home and country. This deserves deep public appreciation. I greatly appreciate it. Their readiness and seriousness as well as their experience. I send my thanks, great appreciation and support to their dear families – full partners in the effort to defend our home. I know this comes at a cost.

In recent days, there has been a discussion about the conduct of the IDF and the Intelligence Directorate before the events of October 7th. Given the painful outcomes, the interest in the matter is clear. We will ensure accountability. We will listen attentively to every one of our commanders and learn from what they thought and said.

The IDF and within it the Intelligence Directorate, failed in the events of October 7th. There will be fundamental and deep investigations, but for now, we must focus on the fighting.

The commanders of the IDF and especially the personnel of the Intelligence Directorate and the Southern Command are now engaged in fighting.

Personnel from the Intelligence Directorate are operating day and night to support IDF soldiers in Gaza, to alert them and designate the enemy for them. They do this with exceptional excellence.

They are also working on the most important of missions: intelligence about the hostages. Their actions have already led to successes that are too early to discuss, and the mission, as we all know, has not been completed.

It is not right for IDF commanders to be dealing now with the responsibility of this or something else – we need them working together on the many complex tasks they face.

I have not yet met a commander in the IDF since the start of this war who I did not see bearing a heavy sense of responsibility. Currently, everything is dedicated to fighting.
We will not cease until we restore security to the State of Israel.

Attached is the full statement of the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi:

IDF: Yesterday (Monday), the Southern Command conducted an operational forum focused on lessons learned. The forum was led by the Commanding Officer of Southern Command, Major General Yaron Finkelman, and attended by the division and brigade commanders involved in the ground operations. The Head of the Operations Directorate, Major General Oded Basiuk, the Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces, Major General Tamir Yadai, and the Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Major General Tomer Bar also attended.

The main lessons learned from the fighting so far were presented during the course of the day and a discussion was conducted regarding operational plans for the continuation of the fighting in the Gaza Strip.
The commanders focused on combat techniques, operational discipline, IDF soldiers’ operations, and insights into enemy activity.

A session to learn lessons on fire operations was also held, in conjunction with Israeli Air Force squadron commanders.

The forum was a culmination of the operational learning effort at the Southern Command, led by Brigadier General Guy Levy, ensuring that insights and lessons were provided to operational levels.

Attached is footage from the operational learning forum:

Attached are related photos:

IDF: Based on information that was received from the Red Cross, 12 hostages – including ten Israelis and two foreign nationals – are on their way toward Israeli territory.

IDF: A short while ago, Red Cross representatives transferred the 12 hostages to Egypt.
The released hostages’ convoy is currently making its way through Egypt to the meeting point with our soldiers at Kerem Shalom.
Security representatives will verify the identity of the released hostages at the meeting point.
The families of the hostages are being updated by IDF representatives with the latest available information.

Attached is a joint IDF and ISA announcement regarding the return of the hostages to Israeli territory:

IDF: Attached is video footage of the moment the released hostages enter Israeli territory:

IDF: Please find attached the translated evening briefing by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, along with the briefing in English at the end:

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