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Joint IDF and ISA announcement: Information obtained through ISA questioning led to a strike on terror infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip; IDF fighter jets directed by ground troops are continuing to strike terror targets

Earlier today, IDF fighter jets struck Hamas terror infrastructure located on the roof of a building and an adjacent tunnel shaft. The information on the terror infrastructure and shaft was obtained through ISA questioning and through ground operations.

In addition, following IDF and ISA intelligence, and the identification of shooting from the area, the IDF struck a command and control center. As part of the activity, IDF troops engaged with the terrorists and killed them. A terror tunnel shaft was located by the troops, along with intelligence materials and weapons.

Attached are photos of the confiscated weapons:

Attached are photos of the activity:

Attached is a video of ground activities in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes:

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