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Judah – Day 13 – Thursday, October 19, 2023

Israel is facing growing criticism regarding its actions in Gaza, with terms like “war crimes,” “civilians dying,” and “non-proportionate” becoming prevalent in global discourse.

The question arises: how does one define proportionate retaliation when faced with horrifying acts such as the decapitation of babies, the execution of women after being violated, and the cruel treatment of men and animals by terrorists who seem to relish the suffering?
How does one respond proportionately to actions like Hamas rolling burning tires into civilian homes with the intention of forcing residents out to execute them?

It’s impossible to find an equivalent response to the atrocities we experienced last Saturday.

Currently, it’s believed there are between 150-200 captives in Gaza, including many children and elderly individuals. These children, some unaware that their parents have perished, are terrified.
They could have been any one of our children.

Hamas is said to be concealing these captives in their vast underground tunnel network. These tunnels were constructed using resources intended for the development and infrastructure of Gaza.

There’s a call to open the Rafiah border leading to Egypt in the south to allow civilians to flee.
However, if Israel permits this, it could also provide an avenue for Hamas members to escape, potentially taking captives with them.

Although Israel has given ample warning for residents to relocate from the targeted northern areas of Gaza, reports suggest that Hamas has prevented civilians from leaving, intending to use them as human shields.

The world should be outraged by such tactics. This extremist group can be likened to ISIS in terms of its ferocity.
Recovered command booklets from some of the killed militants indicate plans to penetrate further into Israeli territory, including cities like my own. These militants were reportedly equipped with a month’s worth of provisions and weaponry sufficient for a sizable military company.

I am deeply grateful to the soldiers who took immediate action, laying down their lives to safeguard the region and halt the militants’ advance. Their heroic efforts epitomize the essence of sacrifice for one’s nation and the value we put on life, not death.

Despite the divisive politics that has plagued our nation over the past year, Israel is united with a single purpose.
Our intent is not to harm civilians but to neutralize and destroy Hamas resulting in quiet and hopefully the end of evil form that side of the country.

The international community recently expressed outrage over an attack on a hospital, initially attributed to Israel. However, the IDF soon presented evidence countering this claim.

It was revealed that the Islamic Jihad had been firing rockets from a position near the hospital, exploiting the assumption that Israel would avoid retaliating in such a sensitive location.

The terrorist’s rockets malfunctioned, detonating at the hospital site, tragically killing hundreds of Palestinians.

This conclusion was supported by a recorded conversation in which Hamas acknowledged the incident originated from their side and came up with a quick plan to pin it on Israel. Further evidence came from the lack of a crater typically seen in Israeli air attacks and the absence of structural damage consistent with an airstrike.

Discussions about a two-state solution and peace are only feasible with a partner who shares the same vision. However, until there’s a genuine partner that doesn’t resort to such brutal acts against our citizens, lasting peace remains elusive.

Contrary to popular belief that Israel occupies the Palestinians, it should be noted that prior to Israel’s establishment, the region was under British rule. Before that, the Ottoman Empire held control, and there were others before them. Israel does not seek to occupy those who wish for peace; we aim to defend ourselves from those who threaten our lives.

Hoping for better days

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