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Judah – Day 3 – Monday, October 9, 2023

Day 3

After overcoming the initial shock, the Israeli army flooded the south of the country with

thousands of special forces soldiers sending them to southern cities such as Netivot and Ofakim

where terrorists keep showing up.

The Israeli army claims to have covered all breached areas along the border but there is

suspicion that there are a couple of underground tunnels crossing under the border where

terrorists are coming through.

There is heavy combat going on in 7 towns while the army is calling up all reserve soldiers to

prepare for multiple regions breaking out such as the northern borders and Judea and Samaria.

My 2 brothers are on a flight back from New York trying to join their units ASAP.

I am a tank driver and on a list to join when needed.

Stories are starting to emerge of the first day.

I will spare you the horror stories of entire families that were killed in their houses and the kids

and grandkids that were kidnapped to Gaza it was truly the worst day of Israel since the Yom

Kippur war 50 years ago.

One heroic story is of an elderly couple in the city of Sderot, where 5 Hamas terrorist broke into

an elderly couple’s apartment and held the hostage for 20 hours. They held an open Granade

over the lady's head and pointed a gun at the man's face the entire time.

The lady realized they need to stall and served them food, coffee and even stitched up one of

the terrorist’s wounds knowing that the longer she stalls the higher the chances of survival .

A SWAT team finally killed all 5 terrorists after 20 hours and the couple was freed.

In another story from a kibbutz called Beeri, the kibbutz lunchroom was filled with people when

20 terrorists took over. 50 people were held hostage and were able to prolong until they were

all freed in the end. The kibbutz lost 30 people that day with some of the casualties being little


A third story of a high-ranking retired officer who got a text from his son who was stuck in the

safe room with this wife and 2 children while terrorists were trying to get in.

He got in the car and drove south for 3 hours, teamed up with soldiers he never met before and

took them directly to his son’s house.

They killed 4 terrorists in the living room and freed his son’s family and then continued around

the town taking out terrorists.

There are reportedly 150 people taken hostage to Gaza, many of them people in their 20's that

were at a festival near the border enjoying the holiday. There were an estimated 2,000 people

at the event. Tens of terrorists showed up and shot everywhere leaving piles of bodies and

taking many to Gaza.

Our country is strong and unified, and we will get to each of these terrorists.

They know nothing but anger and hatred and have no room in this world.

America is sending a warship our way with 5 thousand soldiers on it .

We are very grateful for the support you are all sending our way and Americas support as a




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