Israel Aid

Judah – Day 5 – Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Day 5:

The stories keep coming through of the heroism of our civilians and troops as they fought for

hours until proper military personnel got there. Kibbutz Beeri, who suffered probably the most

vicious attack has some survivors who were able to share what happened there.

The army located over 1,500 dead Hamas terrorists within Israel’s borders which 103 were in

Kibbutz Beeri.


After Hamas broke into Israel, they placed pickup trucks along the main intersections down

south leaving their terrorist sitting there with RPG’s, hand grenades and machine guns.

This made it almost impossible for all of the Israeli troops to make their way down to the

Kibbutzim and save the civilians while their house were being burnt down while still inside in

the safe rooms.

Hamas “fighters” walked around the kibbutz shooting everyone they saw and even executing

some of them ISIS style.

I found myself breaking out in tears after my kids went to sleep thinking about the young

families with kids the age of my own seeing their parent slaughtered and vice versa.


We got news that a brother of one of my close friends growing up was killed during the fighting.

I remember him as a young boy with an innocent face.


In the meantime, there is a battle developing up north with another terrorist group named

Hezbollah. Hezbollah controls Lebanon and Southers Syria. They are ruthless terrorists, trained

and backed by Iran.


IF and when the war with Hezbollah breaks out, this is going to be a long and deadly war for

both sides.


Israel mobilized over 300,000 reserve troops over the last 48 hours, an unprecedented amount

compared to the population (around 10M).


The whole country is united in the support of the military and what they need to do to win and

out these evil people who just want to kill Jews.


President Bidens speech was heartwarming as he promised that America is with Israel and

warned all other parties against joining this war.


More stories of heroism:


 A young officer that lives by me heard the news on Saturday morning that terrorists

were coming through and drive down there on his own.

He encountered terrorists in a couple of different places and managed to kill all of them,

the estimate is that he killed between 20-23 of them on his own.

They finally shot him, and he fell into a ditch. Shortly after, the Israeli units got there and

thought he was a terrorist.

They were about to kill him lying in a ditch when one of the soldiers saw that the

wounded soldier was wearing” tzitzit”, a piece of cloth that jews wear under their shirt

with string coming out. It is a Jewish artifact that is worn every day and used doing

prayers as a symbol of the connection.

They shouted that he was one of us and his life was saved, I have no doubt he will earn a

medal of honor once he recovers.


 Supermarkets have gone empty with civilians buying everything they can and sending

them to our soldiers. Although there is not a shortage of supplies and equipment, the

people are eager to make sure every soldier is fully set for the coming was and the

whole country seems to be part of the effort to make sure that happens.


There is a lot of news going around of Israel killing innocent people in Gaza.

Yes, there are innocent people getting killed and my heart breaks for them as much as

jews dying.

The truth is that since Hamas took over Gaza in 2006 as the leading authority there,

Israel and other countries have pored over 40 billion dollars to try and build Gaza up

through infrastructure, schools, and hospitals.

Hamas has taken most of that money and used it to build an underground infrastructure

of tunnels, used the funds to pay terrorists a monthly salary and fund terrorism instead

of building up Gaza.

Up to the war, Israel has opened the border for 18,000 people per day to come into

Israel and work and bring that salary back to Gaza, however that is not enough if the

party in charge of governing Gaza is just trying to kill Jews all day.


The Israeli government, with backing of the whole country is all under agreement that

Hamas needs to be eradicated and so far, they are doing everything they can to take out

any armed capability the terrorist organization has.

The world only gets half a picture of what is happening here, but If you want to get a

clear picture of the atrocities and war crimes hammam committed, just listen to the

report of any of the reporters who walked through the Kibbutzim in Israel yesterday and



From the massive line of cars full of bullet holes sitting in an execution line, to the burnt

houses where terrorist tried smoking out the young families form their houses so they

can shoot them or abduct them, to the dead animals around the kibbutz, the storied are

just to many and my heart is broken.


Please keep us in your thoughts.


Also- special thanks for everyone putting in the effort to keeping the work side flowing

as Shalom, family and I try and help on the war efforts from our end.

It is greatly appreciated!




A Message from Shalom