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Press Briefing by IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari October 31st, 2023, 20:15

Good Evening. Our forces are currently fighting deep inside the Gaza Strip. They are killing terrorists in close range combat, conducting coordinated strikes on terror targets from land, air and sea. During the afternoon hours, infantry and armored forces secured a central Hamas stronghold in the West part of Jabaliya. This stronghold served as a training center for the October 7th massacre and as a passage to the coastline from where additional terrorists set off to perpetrate the October 7th massacre.

In the course of the fighting, we eliminated many terrorists and destroyed terror infrastructure. This is complicated combat, some of which is face-to-face combat. During the combat, we lost soldiers. Today, we notified the families of two IDF soldiers who fell in battle. This evening, we killed the murderous terrorist, Ibrahim Biari, the central leader of terror activity in the Northern Gaza Strip since the entrance of IDF forces into Gaza. He also played a part in the massacres of October 7th. In the strike to eliminate him, many terrorists were killed – terrorists that were with him in the building and in the underground area beneath the building. Striking Biari caused the collapse of adjacent buildings because of the expansive infrastructure there whose purpose was to launch terror attacks against our forces. During the battle, the entire infrastructure collapsed and many terrorists were killed.

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