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Shalom Menora – A reminder as we start the week – where is the remote control?

It’s Sunday morning and I wanted to start reminding myself how we got here and where we are going.

I saw a poll that 75% of the Palestinians both in gaza and in the west bank support the massacre on October 7th and also support “from the river to the sea”. While everyone talks about the day after and the people of Gaza, remember that they voted for Hamas, the world watched  for years Hamas kept teaching this rhetoric to all the kids.

One of my friends son told me that he found  a knapsack in a house they were clearing  with a 2nd grade English book where it teaches about killing jews. I am waiting to see if he is allowed to send me a picture of it.

If the people of Gaza want peace, they will need to teach the people that peace is an option.

I also want to remind people that I see many articles about how Israel displaced the Palestinians 75 years ago in 1948 and it’s all our fault for not giving them hope.

I want to remind people of a  little history and this comes from the US history archives and not from Israeli sources.,Aviv%2C%20which%20the%20Israelis%20resisted

IN 1948, little Israel with a population of 600,000 people was attacked by FIVE Arab countries (population of over 100 million)  along with the locals who remained.

Israel did not control Gaza or the west bank until 1967 and no Jew was allowed to visit the western wall in Jerusalem before 1967.

The refuges problem from 1948 was created by Arabs attacking Israel,

the west bank was controlled by Jordon and so was the western wall  until the 6 day war where Israel preempted an attack being planed by Egypt, Syrai and Jordan.

The Golan heights was captured after another 3 way attack on Yom Kippur in 1973.

All the displaced Palestinians were because of  wars that they started because they did not get “from the river to the sea”.

IN 2005, Israel uprooted 8,000 people and 21 settlements and left all the farms intact and handed over full control of Gaza to the Palestinians. They immediately destroyed all the remaining farms and buildings and within a  year Hamas won elections and since then, Israel has been subject to  Missiles, attacks several mini wars, and now a full out brutal massacre.

The world allows Hamas to use them as human shields and then blames us. The world says “its ok to shoot some rockets at a million people”. I cant imagine the US allowing one missile to be shot at downtown Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, or any other major population center.

In Israel , there were protests every week for a year before the war with 100,000 people showing up against the government. IN Israel when we don’t like whats going on, we are allowed to speak. Where were all the Palestinian protestors against Hamas? Where is the responsibility of all the billions donated to help the 2 million civilians that still live in poverty after 50 years of donations?

Israel invests in education, technology, science, tourism, etc. What did Gaza invest in? Tunnels, guns, and education total hate.

I wish we could push a button and the craziness would stop. Most people calling for a “cease fire now”, can simply change the channel on cable Television or can go to a college football game or a movie or be busy at work or taking their kids to soccer practice or a school play.

Unfortunately for the people in Israel, we don’t have such a remote control and are fighting for our lives against people who do not want to steal $20 dollars from our wallet, they do not want us to “stay out of their neighborhood” and are willing to do anything to accomplish this. The worst part is that they are using their own people who voted for them as human shields while the world blames Israel for everything.

Just wanted to start the week reminding everyone that Israel is not holding 240 innocent civilians hostage, Israel is not shooting rockets at a million people with no military targets in the area. Israel certainly doesn’t have an official army plan to rape, murder and butcher people AND TO PHOTOGRAPH AND TELL THE WORLD.

I hope the world comes to its senses. Israel has much better things to do than have every person stop their lives to join the army and do their part. But unfortunately, we just don’t have that remote control button to change channels or change how people think.

We can continue to stand proud knowing that we are the most moral army (not perfect and always some issues), a nation that focuses on bettering mankind (technology, science, medicine, agriculture, etc.) and that would never put our kids as defenseless human shields.

Just a Sunday morning reality check and I hope this week brings better news!

A Message from Shalom