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The ground operation continues; IDF troops killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed Hamas terror infrastructure

Over the past day, there were numerous attempted attacks on IDF troops from tunnel shafts and military compounds in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF troops operated in the area and killed terrorists, located Hamas weapons, and uncovered tunnel shafts that were used for terror purposes.

During combat with terrorists yesterday, IDF troops engaged with 15 terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip, killing several of them, and directed tank fire to destroy three Hamas observation posts.

Also overnight, in a targeted raid in the southern Gaza Strip, IDF armored and engineering corps operated to map out buildings and neutralize explosive devices. During the operation, the troops encountered a terrorist cell exiting a tunnel shaft. In response, the troops fired shells toward the terrorists and killed them.

Attached is video footage of the ground operation in the northern Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos from IDF troops’ operation in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is video footage of IAF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

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